Laser Hair Removal Tips

Laser Hair Removal Tips You Need to Know Before Laser Hair Removal
Laser is one of the easiest, most effective and safest ways to eliminate body hair. Here are 10 important tips to know before laser hair removal.
1. During the laser period, waxing is forbidden!
During laser hair removal, you should be patient and never wax your hair. Laser can work best if your hair is directly attached to the root during the laser period.
During this period, it is recommended that you do not use any of the methods that completely eliminate hair. You can shorten them only if needed. This should be taken into account because other methods of hair removal may completely remove the hair from the root or cause hair growth in that area.
2. Laser does not work for red, white and red hair
Laser hair removal machines are highly dependent on pigments for hair, and since blond, white and red hair have very little pigmentation, lasers cannot work well. Light brown hair, as well as weak hair, are difficult to remove with laser. It is best to consult your doctor before starting your laser hair removal course and also on how successful the course is.
3. Laser cannot be performed on the tattoo or after the tattoo is performed
If you want to get rid of the local hair that you have tattooed on, laser is not a good way to do it. Laser hair removal may burn the area or wipe the tattoo. Also, if you want to get rid of your tattoo, this laser procedure is not a good way to do it and you should consult with a physician who works in the area of ​​tattoo removal and take advantage of the appropriate features.
4. Laser hair removal should take more than one session
Laser can be effective when the hair is in the growth phase (Anagen). In this phase, the hair is always growing longer. If your hair is not in this phase when the laser is done, another laser treatment session will be needed to eliminate it until the hair is completely removed. On average, in 20% of growth times, hair is in the anagen phase. Therefore, we recommend that you follow 6 to 12 sessions of laser therapy to complete your course.
Laser hair removal is a long-lasting treatment
Laser hair removal has a much longer shelf life than other methods and may not appear in the laser site many years after this procedure. But usually a laser session is sometimes required to improve the quality of this treatment. Many people think laser hair removal is a way to do 100% correct and leave no excess hair in place. There is currently no laser technology that can 100% guarantee that every single hair in the body will be completely removed. However, in some cases there may be some very brilliant laser treatment results that have been 100% corrected.
6. This method is very amazing
After a laser treatment session, people notice that their hair growth has slowed down and that the hair that has been modified does not appear again. The best areas that a laser can very well correct are the underarms, the secret areas and the lower legs. Laser has other benefits besides reducing hair growth. This method also reduces body odor and prevents the growth of subcutaneous hair.
7. Laser hair removal has no side effects
Before laser surgery, make sure your doctor is aware of all the medications you are taking and any illnesses you have. After laser hair removal and hair removal in this way, no long-term side effects occur for the person. This method is completely safe. Immediately after laser treatment, the skin may become slightly red and the patient may feel itching in the area, but these complications will resolve within the first 2 to 48 hours after treatment.
8. No laser hair removal treatment
Laser hair removal can be started easily and in the shortest time because of the increasing number of laser hair removal clinics. The multiplicity of clinics has also reduced the cost of this treatment significantly. There are also special offers and treatments for laser hair removal that patients can continue to treat their hair with even lower prices. Thus, it can be said that the laser treatment can be cost effective in addition to the other benefits outlined above.

9. Choose the best method for your skin
With a variety of laser treatments to remove hair, it is best to choose the best one for your skin type and quality by gathering detailed information. Try to use real laser treatments to treat excess hair and do not treat excess hair with Intense pulsed light. Because these devices (IPL) usually do not produce good results and patients are generally unhappy with them. If your skin is thin it is best to use Alexandrite devices. If your skin is the same as East Asian people or you have skin like the Africans, you might want to try the ND YAG laser because the results are great for these skin types.
10. You can have laser therapy on your whole body
The laser can correct from the tip of the head to the toes. If you want your scalp to be completely bald, you can do it with a high quality laser. It is also able to completely refine male and female confidential areas. Do not be afraid of the complications of infertility because it is not a major side effect of infertility.

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