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Building an Android App for Retail? Consider best eCommerce templates!

Building an Android App for Retail? Consider best eCommerce templates!

Akshit rana 1022 05-Nov-2019

Statista revealed that the mobile industry (as a share of total eCommerce) shall grow to 72.9 percent by 2021. With every passing year, retailers are seeing more and more profits in their business revenues from mobile technology.

Significance of building mobile apps for retail:

AOV (average order value) in Commerce apps is 130 percent higher as compared to the desktop websites. In an urge to combat the industry competition and conforming the consumer’s needs, retailers are trying their hands on almost every rising web and mobile technology.

Mobile application development is amongst those trials. All in all, retailers get a set of unified features on mobile platforms to provide numerous advantages to their respective businesses. Not only this, but you would also get the following advantages with mobile apps:

- Easy and convenient to use at user end

- A wider audience reach

- Lesser marketing cost involved

- Add more value to the customer journey

Android’s contribution:

Today’s retailers often leverage offerings of Android app development company due to Android’s coercive and cost-effective approach. Presently, a leading share of the mobile market is occupied by Android, accounting for 2,846,598 Apps listed on the Google Play store.

Other advantages of Android involve open-source, multiple sales channels integration, and easy adoption as it supported by Java (an easy language to learn and implement).

What are eCommerce templates for Android, and why do you need one?

Building an Android app is always a great investment, given that it is done right with perfection while keeping every detail in mind. Talking about templates, they are just pieces of software that contain some readily available elements used in designing and development of your mobile application.

Having to mention, some of the best-selling Android eCommerce app templates are as follows:

- Mstore Pro: Suitable for both Android and iOS platforms, this is a complete package for eCommerce app development, built on React native code. With this, one can ensure complete stability and high-performance by synchronizing updates and analyzing crash reports.

Attain a high-quality UX, push notification function, pure Native UI, multi-lingual approach, secure payment gateway, and more. Moreover, you can easily convert your existing web store built on any platform (Shopify, Magento, or other) into a fully-functional mobile app.

- Android eCommerce: It is amongst one of the great app templates for Android platform. With this template, you would get a wide array of readily available retail pages that allows you to produce personalized commerce apps in no time.

Some highly-appealing and useful features of the Android eCommerce template involve social media share, coupon support, product filters and sorting, order tracking and management, and so forth. In addition to basic support to the template, developers would also provide you with installation and customization services.

- Markeet: It is an Android template to build an online mobile store with a compelling design and featured screen along with all the essentials such as drawer menu, homepage, push notifications, custom dialog, product search, intro screen, powerful admin panel, SQLite database (for store offline data), and more. Neat and clean code for your convenience.

To allow your app for a smooth and quick run, this template is built using native languages. And, for great UX, Google material design is used while delivering you added features like category listing, product details, push notification, simplified drawer menu, slider feature, and more.

Note- By mentioning these three best-performing Android eCommerce templates, I do not intend to do promotion or marketing for any specific product. It is a complete work of personal research. However, you can look for other options available too.

In Conclusion

Templates hold a great deal in any sort of mobile app development. Undoubtedly, Android is a great option to choose when it comes to reaching a wide range of audiences while staying in budget. In this post, I intended to dwell on the significance of mobile apps, Android’s contribution to the field, and best-selling retail templates for the Android platform.

Updated 15-Apr-2020
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