11 Fun Things to Do in Hyderabad

 Hyderabad is a very beautiful and attractive city. You can do so many attractive things in Hyderabad.  Hyderabad is a city of Nizams. It is a historical city. Here you can enjoy beautiful places and delicious food. 

You can easily book a Hyderabad tourism package for your family and friends. It is the best option for you if you are a history and food lover. This place is surrounded by some beautiful destinations also. 

Hyderabad is very famous for its historical monuments, which are very attractive and amazing. Here you will find British and Mughal both architecture. There are so many things to do in Hyderabad for fun and enjoyment which we will discuss. If you are a booking a Hyderabad tour packages, then you have to know about some best places in Hyderabad.

So we’re going to tell you 11 fun things to do in Hyderabad which are very amazing and exciting are as follows – 

1. Light and Sound Show of Golconda Fort – It is a very old historical monument of Hyderabad. This fort was a technical example of ancient times; it is having amazing water supply and drainage system. It is built by some other rulers but later it is concurred by Mughals and they had made some amazing changes in it.

It is a great piece of architecture and it is a big and very strong fort in the world.

2. Heritage Walk in the Old City Lanes – It feels amazing to walk in this heritage city, You will find so many ancient and beautiful gates, You will also watch some attractive street shops of perfumes, handy crafts and bakery items. These items are very famous in our country. 


Here you will also find some very good shops for Bangles and artificial ornaments; these are very attractive and affordable things. You can also find some street restaurants who serve delicious food at an affordable price. 

3. Exploring The Charminar – Charminar is a very old and beautiful monument of Hyderabad. It is also known as the landmark of Hyderabad. It is built by King Quli Qutub Shah.

You can also find some beautiful monuments nearby Charminar. Also, there is a wide market for ornaments.  

4. Ramoji Rao Film City – It is a very beautiful and Biggest film city of Asia. It is established by Mr Ramoji Rao for shootings. It is situated a little far from Hyderabad city. But you can easily find Tickets and convince from the city office of Ramoji film city. 

It may take a full day to cover the whole film city. It is having some huge sets of very famous and super hit movies; It is also having a Hotel, restaurants, theatre, amusement park and a museum. 

5. Salar Jung Museum – This museum is established by Nizam Salar Jung 3. This museum is a huge and amazing place, here you will find some exciting ancient things.

This place has to have 3 floors, here you will find some ancient items like War weapons, Crockery, currency, Clothes, Pieces of Furniture, Medals and some art workpiece of ancient times.

 6. Birla Mandir – This a very beautiful and huge temple of Lord Vishnu. It is situated on a hill. If you want to see a beautiful sunset, then it is best for it.

7. Nehru Zoological Park – This zoological park is a Zoo. Here you can find a large variety of different types of animals and reptiles.

Here you can do a lot of exciting activities like a jungle safari. It is the best option for kids entertainment. 

8. Hussain Sagar Lake- This is a very beautiful lake having a standing statue of Lord Buddha. This lake is in the shape of the heart and established in the year 1563.  

9. Laad Bazaar – This is a very old Market situated in the old city of Hyderabad. It is established in the time of Nizaam’s.  

This is a wholesale market. It is a bangle and ornaments market, it is very big, it takes a day to cover the whole market. 

10. KBR National Park – It is the most popular place in tourist. You can watch birds and beautiful things here, it is specially meant for bird watching. This park is built in 1994 by the state government.  

11. Mecca Masjid - It is a very beautiful, huge historical monument of Hyderabad. It is built by Qutub Quli Shah. It can accommodate 10,000 people at the same time. It has a very good architecture and a beautiful fountain.

 These are the 11 amazing places in Hyderabad where you can make a lot of fun and enjoyment with your family and friends. These places are the main things to do in Hyderabad.  

You can also enjoy amazing delicious food in Hyderabad. Hyderabadi Biryani is very famous in the world; you can also try Paya, Mandi and Nahari of Hyderabad. It has very good connectivity from other states of the country. You can easily find a train or flight for Hyderabad. 

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