I Found My Love Resolution From Internet

It is very hard to live alone. Humans always like to live without someone good to share all the feelings and thinking. It can be a girl-friend, wife or lover. When I have my first job, it was a lonely time for me when I came back home after my office. That time I was looking for someone whom I can love and share all my feelings. Then I found online to found someone similar to me. This is going to dedicate her, and here you are going to know about all of my love life from the internet.  

The beginning of my online relation

It was too simple to the beginning of my online relation. I select the online because after over the office there I did not have enough time. The site I select it was match.com which is working for international relation making purpose. In early times, I was not comfortable with it. I saw a lot of people there who use the time. One day I think I have to organize my profile with real image and information. After that, I am started to search for people who have a match my interest and hobby.

Progress of the relation day by day

When I found some friends there, I started to talk to them. There were few girls as well as. But I did not add there any people who do not have an interest in me. Day by day I increase to pay time on this platform. I found 2 girls who can be a part of my life. It was so much confusing to me whom I am going to select. There one girl who lives abroad. After thinking I decide I made a decision that I have to leave the girl. Because making a relation between me she is pretty hard.

Another girl was a job holder. After talking with her, I know she is alone too. And she had a boyfriend in high school life. Now she is looking for someone who is like me. I found her the perfect one for me.

Experience of the first meet from online

Before propose, I thought we should meet together. On holiday I called her in a restaurant and meet together. This is maybe funny but precious to me that after I saw her it started to beat the heart faster. Then I did not take a long time to propose her. And the happy thing is she accept me in a glance.

Right not I am happy about my relation. She lives with me. Day by day we are getting closer. I found her just because of an online dating site. That is huge for me. Maybe we are going to married soon.

So my experience is making a relation from the internet is not bad. But it has the possibility of getting cheated. You have to more concern about everything. Until something becomes real, don’t take it seriously. Because when you take a fake issue seriously it can hurt you easily. I think if you play a concern role during using the online dating site then you can enjoy. Even it can be a blessing part for you.

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