5 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

“Technology gives the quietest student a voice”. Well with the help of technology you can augment the interest level of students in the classroom. Apart from keeping them engaged, it also proffers them the best learning experience in an easy to understand manner. One can easily revamp an outdated classroom by adding technology to it.

So let's understand how digital platforms and technology to help students to be innovative and creative. Learning with the help of technology allows students to learn in a smart way rather than in a harder way. Since the world has completely digitalized and allow people of all ages an outlet to understand and learn the toughest things in a smarter way, students are no longer the exception.

Technology to use in the classroom:

1. Interactive displays for education

These days a lot of schools are using interactive displays to teach the kids. The value-focused interactive displays for education are specially designed to proffer every teacher with everything they need straight out o the box. They are internet ready and pre-loaded with teaching tools. For the schools who are looking for a right interactive display should go for the Active-panel Nickel which is a long-term and reliable solution for schools, looking to replace the old-school whiteboard systems with the easy to use and highly capable interactive displays.

2. The easy and quick polling applications

Having a polling application is highly vital in school. There are some good applications that make it quick and easy to create simple pools that can let you gather feedback from students- regulate if children are struggling with a subject or topic if they are aware of the right answer to questions you ask, and so on. With the help of using a smartphone, they can often participate in the polls.

3. Gamify the learning process

There is no better way than adding the fun elements to the studying process in the student's program. That’s where gaming is the crucial part to make boring subjects happening. Leveraging the gaming mechanics is probably easier than you think of them. Anytime you add on the competition or level of achievements to a classroom exercise, you can add the element of gamification.

4. Project Centric Learning

When the students are applying to what they are learning to projects that they are undertaking, they take on a much deeper meaning. This not just helps to execute the activity but also increase the sensory exposure of project work which leads to stimulating the mind, the extended time which is always required to do the project work, and the tangible result further reinforces learning.

5. Take questions by using Twitter hashtags

Just the way you use class-exclusive hashtags for the exit tickets, you can also use them to take the questions throughout the day. In twitter’s search bar, you can input the hashtags, and can display the feed on a screen during the classroom or can also periodically check on your device. As the answer pops up, you can choose to answer all the questions.

Try them now!

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