Steam mop for the soil: how to use it?

Steam mop for the soil: how to use it?

A steam cleaner is an essential device to have at home . More efficient than the vacuum cleaner and more versatile than the steam brooms, the best steam mop for laminate floor is inescapable to unclog and unclog dirt, residue, scale, grease, stains ... on many media such as the floor, parquet, windows, the carpets.

It is used without detergents or other cleaning products. It only cleans with high pressure steam for more efficiency.

In this article you will learn:

1. How to use your steam cleaner
2. How to clean your floor effectively with different floors and surfaces
3. Good tips for maintaining your cleaner

Households often opt for a floor cleaner for their efficiency and ease of use.

This appliance is indeed very effective on hard surfaces such as the floor, the tiles ...

In addition, it simplifies cleaning to thoroughly clean the house from floor to ceiling. You can find in no time a clean and healthy interior.

Effective use of a floor steam cleaner

How to clean his soil?

With a steam cleaner, never use detergents, chemicals or even demineralised water

The unit is designed for cleaning via high pressure steam generated by tap water. Cleaning is usually done with a downward movement.

If it is difficult surfaces, it is advisable to spray the vapor as close to the surface , if it is fragile tissue, the best is to spray them from afar.

Brushes are to be avoided when cleaning fragile surfaces such as varnished wood, delicate fabrics .

For which surface?

The steam cleaner is ideal for quick cleaning of tiles, hard surfaces, glass floors and other hard surfaces. Moisture removes dirt and dries immediately.

Just use the large brush with its cloth provided with the device.

To remove dirt that has embedded in tile joints, the gun and the high pressure nozzle are ideal.

Maintain your steam cleaner

Scaling is the problem common to all steam models. Since it uses tap water, scale is formed in the tank.

But you can start by buying a steam cleaner with a stainless steel tank or a tank with unlimited autonomy with filter cartridges. These are more practical for preventing scale buildup.

Choosing a floor cleaner

As you can see, the choice of a steam cleaner is essential to get the best of the device.

Admittedly, the aesthetics can seduce you but also think of seeing the features that could simplify your life during use. The steam flow control E allows such an effective cleaning on different soil types .

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