Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Blogging Tips

Guest blogging has many advantages whether as a guest blogger or blog owner. Exchange of mutual visibility, improvement of natural SEO ... guest blogging is a true win-win partnership...


Before we begin, let's go back briefly to the definition of guest blogging. This is an editorial partnership between two bloggers or between a blogger and a person who doesn't have a blog but wants to improve their visibility. The first will write content that the second will publish. This type of partnership can be one-way or two-way.


For the guest blogger :

Gaining visibility and gaining a new readership: by posting one of your articles on another blog, you will reach a new audience. Readers of the partner blog who have appreciated your article can discover your blog at the same time by following the links of your signature. If you are not a blogger, posting to a known blog will allow you to work on your e-reputation. 

Creation of links for SEO: in your articles or in your signature at the end of these, think to include links in order to work the backlinking of your site.

The expression on topics not discussed on your blog: if you have a marketing blog and you are passionate about cooking, making a guest on a cooking blog will allow you to express yourself on this passion.

For the blog owner :

Visibility Gain: the guest blogging will allow you to extend your editorial line, to introduce new topics to your readers and to touch the network of the guest blogger.

Better SEO: thanks to additional content, SEO of your blog will progress. Note also that having several editors on your blog will open the doors of SEO on Google News.

Learning new writing techniques: by inviting other bloggers, you can discover new writing techniques. You will sometimes have surprises on subjects or phrases that may please your readers when you have never used them at first.


Now that you are convinced of the interest of practicing guest blogging in one way or another, here are some tips to go further :

When you post an article to another blogger, take care of the quality of the blogger. To convince readers to check out your blog, there's nothing like a high-quality article. For my part, I keep some of my best articles for publication on other blogs. An example of an article recently published at Presse Citron: 5 tips to take advantage of the Facebook questions.

Watch out for content duplication, do not re-use your blog archives to post them on a partner blog. This can damage your SEO and your partner's SEO.

Make sure that the article published on a partner blog integrates a signature with your links, also takes care of your presentation. If your signature is not properly highlighted, there is little chance that the article will be beneficial to you in terms of notoriety.

Include links to your blog or site: for example, you can highlight articles you have written on your site so that readers of the blog you are invited to see your editorial qualities. Be careful not to fall into the trap, including too many links in your articles that could upset the blogger who invites you and push him to delete them, as in many things, you have to find the right balance.

If you want other bloggers to intervene on your blog, show it. Write a post inviting your readers to contact you if they want to intervene on your blog and create a visible page in your permanent browsing to present the advantages of blogging at home.


The best is to write for blogs that you are already following, so you will be able to judge the quality of their audience. Are the readers of the blog on which you wish to make a guest in line with your own readership? Does the blog have enough audience so that the visibility it will bring you has a real interest?

If you are using guest blogging primarily for SEO, finding blogs in the keyword search results you are looking for may be a good technique.

Note that there are also sites that propose to connect bloggers to each other to propose guests. Unfortunately, these sites are essentially American, which limits the scope of possibilities for us. For more info about the guest post strategy visit Word Maze.

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