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Top Notch P2P Exchange Development Company

Top Notch P2P Exchange Development Company

Bitdeal 570 31-Oct-2019

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

Decentralization, the ruling mechanism of the crypto world creates trust-worthiness among crypto users. This decentralization concept paved a way of developing a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. This kind of p2p exchange development provides trust, security, less effort and less time trading platform for traders.

How does P2P Crypto Exchange Works?

Here is the workflow of p2p crypto exchange

Step 1: Traders will register on p2p exchange and undergoes KYC verification process. 

Step 2: A buyer places a buy order ( Some p2p exchanges works by placing advertisements )

Step 3: The matching engine works and matches the buyer with the right seller.

Step 4: If the buyer and seller agree and confirm to the terms of trade, then smart-contract holds crypto assets of sellers to be sold.

Step 5: Buyer makes the payment for his/her purchase of crypto assets to the seller.

Step 6: After the payment confirmation by the seller, smart contract releases crypto assets to the buyer's wallet address.

This is the overall workflow inside the p2p crypto exchange which performs trading with the elimination of middle man.

Why choose Bitdeal for P2P Exchange?

Here are some valid reasons to choose Bitdeal for Peer-to-Peer Exchange Development

1. P2P Exchange Script with separate dashboards for traders, admin, merchants and for advertisement.

2. Excellent trading features and plugins.

3. Multi-level security add ons.

4. Support of multi-crypto coins and multi-wallet.

5. 100% Escrow based trading portal development.

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Benefits of P2P crypto exchange 

Below are some of the benefits of p2p exchange development :

1. You have complete control over setting up transaction fees and buying/selling crypto coins.

2. There is no chance of missing the commission fees, as the transaction is completed after the transfer of commission fee into your wallet.

3. P2P exchange helps you in earning a commission for every transaction on the platform.

4. User-friendly dashboards allow for smooth and secured trades by buyers and sellers.

5. The presence of feedback system creates the trustworthiness of traders in the exchange platform.

Features of P2P Exchange

Power-packed Matching System

P2P exchange is developed with an ultra-speed matching engine which is capable of matching buy and sell orders with minimum latency. This matching system has a built-in matching mechanism that matches buy and sell orders quicker with high accuracy.

Escrow System

Every P2P exchange system enables smart-contract based escrow transaction between the traders. This escrow based trading provides security, trust, fast and easy way to trade.

Atomic Swap

Atomic swap pivots between complete execution or termination of the transaction, reducing the disputes in the agreements. P2P exchanges possess atomic swapping process to drive faster user transactions with the elimination of middle man.

Dispute Management

A P2P exchange empowered with a powerful dispute management system makes better dispute management system. As the admin have the complete insights into users bank and transaction statements make proper management of disputes and decisions.

Multi-level Security

Our P2P exchange platform adds essential security features such as 2F Authentication, email verification, data encryption, SSL implementation and lot more.

Instant KYC and AML Verification

Our Peer-to-peer exchange is developed with automated KYC and AML process which builds legitimate and only authorized sellers and buyer to trade on the exchange platform.

 Multi-currency Wallet

The wallet of P2P exchange favors for the storage of multiple cryptocurrencies which makes it more efficient to trade multi-currencies.

Live Value Info

The price of cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature and so every P2P exchange is developed with a feature of displaying the real-time value of cryptocurrencies which is so helpful in instant trading.

Preferred trader selection

The flexibility of choosing preferred traders ( choosing preferred sellers by the buyer and preferred buyers by sellers ) for trusted and safe trading experience is capable in P2P exchange.

User-friendly Admin Panel

A user-friendly and secure admin panel designed with an efficient trading mechanism by dispute management and escrow system makes p2p more attractive.

Featured Advertisements

In P2P crypto exchange platform, traders can create advertisements based on their availability of crypto coins. This makes traders buy and sell cryptocurrency online and offline.

No Third Parties

P2P exchange enables trade between buyers and sellers without the involvement of third parties making the whole process easy, simple, cost-effective and less time.

Additional Features of P2P Exchange Development

Some of the extra features involved in p2p exchange development are as follows:

1. Powerful User Interface

2. Secure & Smooth Payment methods

3. Hassle-free Crypto Swapping Mechanism

4. All-time customer support

5. Power-packed Escrow Service

6. Anti-Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS)

7. Server-side request forgery(SSRF) protection

8. Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection

Bitdeal - P2P Crypto Exchange Development Company

With the deep analyzation of the cryptocurrency market, We Bitdeal - Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company step into developing peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that makes crypto business entrepreneurs with high revenue and less efforts.

Our developers work around the clock to develop the unique peer-to-peer exchange script with powerful features and functionalities. We keep our client's needs before our turn-over, which makes us always give our 100 % effort. We, Bitdeal also provide Cryptocurrency Wallet Development for our clients at down to earth cost.

There are many famous p2p crypto exchanges such as localbitcoins, paxful, remitano, localethereum and so on. You can also launch your own p2p crypto exchange as like the above-mentioned exchanges with our p2p crypto exchange clone scripts.

We, Bitdeal offer Smart Contract based escrow script development services which help you in starting your own p2p crypto exchange that allows users to trade instantly.

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