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4 Effective Teeth Whitening Techniques to Try at Home

Jeff Thompson 509 29-Oct-2019

Taking care for health is number one priority. Regular check-ups at the doctor and a bit of self-educating are needed for keeping a good condition and balanced wellbeing. Fortunately, the health market is such an extensive branch of the health industry that people can pick various options that cater to their needs. In fact, the health market has it all – including products made for teeth whitening.

When it comes to getting a perfect white smile, many people are going the extra length. However, lots of these products contain chemicals that when used often, can have some damaging effect. Luckily, there are ways to get a Hollywood pearly smile form home too, without risking it with unnatural ways. Here is more about the topic at hand.

What Causes Teeth Yellowing and Stains?

Everyone should know that teeth have two parts: enamel - the non-living part of the tooth. And dentin, the living part of the tooth. Now, what causes them to go yellow and lose their natural white colour?

First, age. Naturally, dentin turns yellow as time passes by. Since there is no known way to whiten the inside of the teeth – they look more yellowish as people grow older. It’s inevitable.

Second, grinding. Constant grinding can result in premature yellowing and permanent damages to the teeth. They may change shape and appear unnatural and even dirty. Get rid of this bad habit.

Next, poor diet. This goes for the rest of your body too. Inadequate nutrition habits and lack of proper vitamins can have a premature ageing effect on your entire body – including teeth too. And as stated above, ageing teeth turn yellow, even when it is an unnatural ageing process.

4 Effective Teeth Whitening Techniques to Try at Home

And lastly, foods and drinks. As seen from above, dentin is mostly affected by trauma and age. The outer layer, the enamel, becomes discoloured because of the food and drinks people choose to consume daily. Wine, tea, coffee and chocolate are highly pigmented and lead to stains that are hard to remove. And let’s not forget tobacco. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are probably the ones that cause most tooth stains.

What Can People Do to Get Naturally Whiter Teeth?

Activated Charcoal

Historically speaking, activated charcoal has been known to help with poisoning. It adsorbs, or binds with, pretty much anything it comes into contact with. Today, medicine uses different products against cases of poisoning, but the binding effect of activated charcoal has made it a quite popular ingredient in the world of beauty products. These include toothpaste and whiteners too.

A number of chemical-based products rely on hydrogen peroxide as a solution for dentin whitening. This is not the recommended treatment at all. Activated charcoal, on the other hand, is used to remove surface stains. It doesn’t have such a deep effect as the chemicals – thus making it a safer and more natural option. Activated charcoal is great for stains caused by the daily consumption of coffee, tea, wine and tobacco.

So, how can people use this product at home? First, by smearing activated charcoal paste onto the teeth, and leaving it to work its magic for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, simply brushing and rinsing will get rid of the paste and leave the teeth looking much cleaner.


Turmeric is an all-natural herb that derives from the ginger plant world. It has a bright yellow color, and it is used as a healing herb for quite a long time now. It is not scientifically proven just how effective turmeric is for teeth whitening, but, it shows positive results when it comes to removing extrinsic stains.

Besides making teeth look whiter, turmeric also helps in the fight against plaque and bacteria in the mouth. So, it has a benefit on the overall oral health too.

As for appliance – most often turmeric is mixed with coconut oil. It is applied to the teeth and left to get rid of stains effectively. This combination is a win-win since coconut oil is also highly beneficial for oral health and helps in the teeth whitening process.

Baking Soda

4 Effective Teeth Whitening Techniques to Try at Home

It is a familiar fact for many that baking soda has natural whitening features. That is one reason why it is quite often an ingredient in traditional toothpaste. Since it is a mild abrasive, it is a great way to remove surface teeth stains.

If that was not enough, besides having a whitening effect, baking soda also creates a type of alkaline environment on the inside of the mouth. This environment prevents bacteria from spreading and causing additional oral damages.

Granted, the teeth will not be white after one use, but over time results will start to get more noticeable. In order to use this remedy the right way, mix on a tablespoon of it with two tablespoons of clean water and start brushing. Do this procedure a couple of times in a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This product is already widely used as a disinfectant and a cleaning product. The main ingredient in apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. This type of acid effectively removes bacteria, and it is a great remedy for mouth cleansing and teeth whitening purposes.

Since acid is the most important ingredient, it is not recommended for daily use. Acid can soften the teeth and cause additional damage if overused. The best way to apply this product is to use it as a mouthwash. It should be diluted in water and swished for several minutes.


4 Effective Teeth Whitening Techniques to Try at Home

However easy and simple it may seem to achieve white teeth; it is still better to stay clear of products that stain them. Limiting the intake of staining foods and beverages, reducing sugary products, and of course, brushing and flossing daily are all a Must. And if all things do fail, there are other solutions too. Recently people have decided to give Philips zoom whitening pen a try – and the results are great. The secret lies in hydrogen peroxide. A well-known teeth whitening solution that really works.     

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Jeff Thompson

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