Help! Here’s What To Include In Your Resume

Help! Here’s What To Include In Your Resume

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what you should be putting in your resume, as well as what to avoid including in your resume. This article will show you exactly what to include in your resume to make sure the person looking at your resume will understand you fully and completely as a worker and as a person.

Contact Information

Don’t forget to include your contact information. Besides your name, make sure you include your mobile phone number, your email address, and although you don’t have to include your full address, make sure you include your city and state. It gives that extra sense of validation to the employer that you live in their area and gives them an easy way to contact you with their form of communication. If they only email but you simply included your phone number, you won’t get that email. If their next step is a phone interview or a text for further instructions, you won’t get that call if you only included your email. Give them multiple forms of contact.

About Me Section

Many people don’t include an about me section, but it gives employers a fantastic overview of who you are as a person. Use this section to let employers know that you aren’t only a hard worker and dedicated to whatever job lies ahead, but also that you are a people person and can get along with everyone. Use this area of your resume to show that you are a team player and that you are easy to talk to and communicate with.

Relevant Skills

Make absolutely sure that you include an area of your resume that shows your relevant skills. Adding a small list of your skills can go a long way with a potential future employer, because it allows them to not have to guess. You don’t want them to guess at what you could be good at. Instead, you want them to be able to look at your list of skills and have an ease in knowing that you can handle the job you are applying for.

Work History

This is the toughest section usually, and if you need resume help, don't be afraid to get some! Work history is important with many employers. What jobs you’ve had as well as what your title was at these jobs can make or break you. If you want to be a manager but have no management experience, what does that say about you? If you want to be a salesperson but have no sales experience, why would they hire you? Make sure you have relevant work history to the job you are applying for, and make sure there are little to no work history gaps. If you do have gaps in your job history, make sure you are ready to explain yourself, because they’ll ask!


If you went to college, you don’t have to include your high school, it’s implied. Make sure you include your education, but don’t make this your largest section. Keep it short and sweet, the employer simply wants to know you are at least somewhat educated. Work history and relevant skills goes a lot further with potential employers.

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