6 Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online

6 Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online

Personal information has been the most abused information from hackers online. In recent times people experienced much private information leaking even from big organizations like Facebook. So, the question is how to stay secure while browsing online?

First of all, the world is dealing with this kind of problem for the first time just because the technology has never been so advanced, and we still do not have the right regulations to handle those kinds of situations.

However, there is still something that you can do in order to keep all your personal data safe and avoid information leaking or identity theft. In this article, we will go through some of the best ways to stay safe online.

1. Depose Personal Information

People often forget to get rid of all personal information that is on their PC or laptop before selling it or giving it away. That unsafe move can lead to big information spillage since you do not know how the next owner will use your private information. There is a lot of different utility wipe out tools that you can use to remove everything from your device, and you must learn how to transfer all your information to the new device without leaving any trace.

2. Stay Alert to Impersonators

We have to be more careful about where we give our personal or financial information. The source must be reliable and trustworthy before you even consider handing out personal information. Do not give away information on the phone or through email or on the internet without knowing who you are dealing with. Do not click any suspicious links that you received and always type the company on Google to see if it legit before dealing with them.

3. Stay on Encrypted Websites

There are many websites who still do not have an SSL certificate which means that all information that you type in is accessible by someone. On the other hand, websites with green lock icon on the status bar on your internet browser have encryption built-in.

This means that whatever you enter on the website is automatically encrypted and not readable from the webmaster. So make sure the next time you browse for football betting websites or online shopping store that your information is encrypted by having a green lock on the top bar.

4. Create Strong Passports and Keep Them Private

Often people do not pay attention to creating a unique and strong password which is why this is the most common way to lose your personal information. People put silly passwords like date of birth or pet name which is easy to guess and regret their decision after their passwords have been hacked. It is important to get creative and come up with a password that is impossible to guess with many different letters and characters.

5. Be Careful of Free Wi-Fi Zones

There are a lot of places that offer free Wi-Fi zones and people love them as they can browse their social media pages. However, they underestimate the danger behind it all. If you use unsecured Wi-Fi, all information will be sent through the wireless network, making you a target for attack. Choose only reliable Wi-Fi networks and avoid giving up personal information for login.

6. Do not Overshare on Social Media

We all love social media platforms where we share our daily activities with our friends and family. However, some people do not realize that the more you share the more chance you have for being a target for identity theft and personal information abuse. We get the point of social media, but there is a limit on what we share. You should not go exposing your every location, pictures, and people that you hang out with all the time. This move only invites hackers and you cannot blame the system if you expose too much.

These are some of the ways to stay safe online. Private information should be handled very carefully, but unfortunately, people do not pay attention until they experience their first attack. We have to take precautions in order to stay safe in this digital world.

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