Know About the TV Technology in Dubai

Dubai is indeed a growing country, not in the sense of wealth, but also in the field fo technology. And when it comes to counting on the technical achievement, TV technology in Dubai is one of the boobing sights that we can’t ignore anymore. Though it’s a very glamorous industry on the outside, it’s a tough industry on the inside. Especially when one wants to get into the field.

Let’s look at some of the existing TV technology champions in Dubai, and how they are making it big with their high-end tv technology services…

When it comes to professional Hotel TVs in Dubai, LG TV Dubai is undoubtedly an industry leader. LG is specialized in hotel-centric solutions like no other brand is doing. Yup, they say it true, leading the way of innovation and style. The tagline is backed by the broad range of hotel specific TVs ranging from HD to UHD Models.  

If you are looking for the Hotel TV, LG can provide you with the best-customized solutions, catering to the needs of customers in a broad manner. Managers can provide customers with the guest caring content in a simple and easiest way. LG can powerfully display the structure with amazing ultra HD and Full HD resolutions, solutions with the superior technology content, which is perfectly in line with the requirements of multi-purpose spaces, hotels and various other business applications.

Some of the strongest qualities that make LG TV in Dubai successful include-

  • Guest Centric Hotel Management Solution
  • Multi-channel spooling
  • Multi Languages
  • Commercial Apps
  • Visual Reality Show
  • Quic Menu
  • Voice Recognition
  • Ez Manager

After LG, another big brand that is ruling the market like anything is Samsung TV Dubai, which is also a great support to the hotel TV services. They are also producing the ultra-high solution sets while the other brands are lagging behind as they are using the same regular or more common displays. They have the biggest contribution to the Dubai TV Technology in home, commercial, hospitality LED/LCD. First of all, let's talk about the Samsung Home LED Television which has amazingly revolutionized the in-home entertainment space by proffering a new, sophisticated and intense visual experience to the consumers.  

The next generation of home display technology is targeted to assist working professionals, affluent and inspirational Millenials who want to have the cinematic experience with the well-defined audiovisual content on a huge super-premium screen, and that too within the comfort of their home. If you want to have the incredible visual definition along with the customized cinema experience where the display can also meet up the basic and advanced needs of the homes. They also provide services to the hotel sectors. Hospitality technologies provide a across-the-board content management solution for hotels and other hospitality locations.

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