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Best Places In Pakistan For Winter Vacations

Best Places In Pakistan For Winter Vacations

Feeling proud to say that Pakistan is one of those countries which awarded the opportunity of the four seasons and all Pakistani are fortunate in this case. As we know winter is one of the members of the four-season family. Winter brings with it a cool breeze, romantic roads, pure white snow kiss, the beauty of snowflakes like a fairy comes from heaven. The majority of the people thinks that winter is the mean of wrapping themselves in the blankets with having some dry fruits in front of the heater because you are curled up by the fire with a hot cup of coffee, we know it’s the frosty winter demand, but we can’t forget it that Pakistan has stunning landscapes, snow-capped mountains, snow carpeted gardens, frozen lakes and the breathtaking roads that invited travelers through the PIA Online Ticket Booking from all corners of the country and aboard. Externally winter touches you but actually it grown springs in the heart. That’s why out of all the gorgeous destinations or after the overhaul this article proposes to you some of the fabulous spots of winter. So, immediately leave your quilt/blanket, turn off the heater and let’s plan a trip with your friends or family to explore Pakistan’s chill locations that are practically demanding a visit. Winter holidays are the peak period when you head to these breathtaking places for a pleasant experience. Here are some best selections to explore the best places in Pakistan for winter vacations.

1. Leepa Valley:

Leepa valley is located about 45 kilometers from the Muzaffarabad. This Paradise Valley is considered one of the astonishing wonders of Pakistan; it is surrounded by majestic mountains. The palm trees and the mountains covered in the white blanket. This eye-catching location attracts millions of tourists in the cold months and gives the chances to people love to go to admire the spectacular beauty. When you make sure of your existence in the white blanket valley, you feel glad to take a breath there with your loved one.

2. Neelum Valley:

Kashmir is blessed with the inspiring and stunning beauty that is Neelum Valley. During the winter the temperature here does not develop to an intolerable level, but it receives maximum snow in the frozen season. This is the best place to visit in the winter vacations because it gives you the sizzling view and access of the market too, Kel and Arang Kel is the outstanding option for the trekking enthusiasts with the snowing lush view and shivering weather.

3. Pir Sohawa:

Pir Sohawa is located at the top of Margalla Hills in the Islamabad; this place is every time best holiday destination which offers a panoramic view of Islamabad and being developed itself with extensive facilities like The Monal and a number of hiking trails. So, take out your leather jackets, shoes and become ready to enjoy your snowy winter in the capital of Pakistan because it’s Pir Sohawa calling you with your family trip.

4. Malam Jabba:

Malam Jabba is situated in the Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley (KPK Province of Pakistan) as a Hill Station. It is 51 km from Saidu Sharif Airport. It is the most popular ski resort in Pakistan and is the only one, where tourists come every year with Air Blue Flight Ticket Booking to enjoy the winter season. This site has a variety of tourist facilities like chair lift, skiing, ice-skating and many snowy options. Winter gives it the new phase with the wintry.

5. Ziarat Valley:

Ziarat valley is an exceptionally beautiful holiday resort that is located in Baluchistan (largest province of Pakistan, regarding the land area); the Ziarat valley is a center point in the world’s second-largest Juniper forest with some of the oldest Juniper trees in the world. This is actually a Hill station that provides the stunning picturesque views to the visitors. The roads carpeted with snow and its well woody residency offers an enthralling excitement and thrill.

6. Skardu:

Skardu is the part of the Gilgit Baltistan; it is also one of the most impressive places in Pakistan. Skardu is famous because of the embodiment of natural beauty. During the winter season, this place will give you the inner pleasure and smile on your beautiful face when you will enjoy the journey surrounded by the many streams, springs, mountains, greenery, food and the kindness of the local people. It is also famous among the trekkers and three Lakes are found in the vicinity of the Skardu.

• Upper Kachura Lake

• Lower Kachura Lake

• Sadpara Lake

7. Gorakh Hill:

Gorakh Hill is the Hill station in the Dadu, a town of Sindh. Yes, Sindh Province has its own hill station. We knew it; you are also one of them who think that Sindh has no hill station to enjoy its winter. Therefore, this blog comes with Gorakh Hill to the winter tourists. It lies on the borderline of Sindh and Baluchistan. The snows fall in this place in the minimal measurement, but the temperature falls below zero in the winter and you see the icy environment and most romantic night in the cold holidays.

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8. Murree:

Definitely, all you knew about it. Murree is the topmost famous holiday place among the tourists; even you can say that it is the King of all the Hill stations. It receives a flood of tourists in the winter vacations because there are countless resorts and hotels that are perfect for all sorts of price ranges. It has many other iconic points to the enjoyment, such as; Changla Gali, Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Pindi Point, Patriata and Mall Road that are covered with a pretty blanket of milky snow.

9. Kalash Valley, Chitral:

In the winter holidays must visit the Kalash Valley; this valley is located in the Chitral. When you come there, you will meet a totally different culture, language, and religion. Event the protocol of their people is also very unique and interesting. This valley is surrounded by the Hindu Kush Mountain and it comes from ancient Hinduism. This trip will be totally different but very informative with the spectacular scenery to you.

10. Cholistan Dessert:

Cholistan desert is about 30 km away from the Bahawalpur. It’s become a more attractive and fun destination for the winter trip. This place tells you about the rich history and the architectural skills of the time. You can enjoy there the camel ride or dune jumping due to the dessert. You can visit there the shrine of Bibi Jawindi, Derawar Fort and Indus civilization.

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