Why Developing Countries Need More Technology

Technology plays an important role in our lives; a few of us can imagine life without technology. Humanity has achieved great things through technology. Technology has transformed the world into a global village. This phenomenon is referred to as globalization. Through technology, it is possible for us to communicate with people across the planet by the click of a button. Technology has enhanced our standards of living immensely. However, not all parts of the world are technologically advanced. Countries that lack in technology are referred to as developing countries. Due to the lack of technological advancement, these countries experience many problems. Below are some of the problems associated with the lack of technology.

Poor Infrastructure

Poor infrastructure hinders development in many ways. This is because infrastructure refers to fundamental systems and facilities essential to a country. Infrastructure also includes facilities and services that are necessary for the growth of a country’s economy. Infrastructure includes water supply, electrical grids, internet connectivity, roads, bridges, and telecommunications. Developing countries lack these facilities: this result in poor standards of living. 

When a country lacks these facilities, its development becomes stunted; this is because investors shun countries that have poor infrastructure. Citizens of these countries will not be able to engage in commerce because of poor infrastructure: the result is poverty. Poverty breeds many vices in society. Vices like prostitution, juvenile delinquency and violence can be directly attributed to poverty. 

Poor Health Services

Most developing countries are not able to afford their citizens good health services. Hospitals in developing countries are ill-equipped and staffed. Reports show that many people die in hospitals due to a shortage of drugs and equipment. Doctors in these hospitals are not able to dispense their duties effectively due to a shortage of drugs and equipment. 


Technology helps law enforcement agents serve society more efficiently. Due to technology, law enforcement agents are able to conduct thorough and effective investigations. Technology helps to hinder crime in many ways. For example, cameras placed in strategic positions are able to capture the movement of people at all times: this can be used to track down criminals. Technology has done to improve the state of security. Countries that lack technology usually experiences high rates of criminal activities such as rape, murder, and robbery. 

Lack of Exposure and Education

Education plays a vital role in the development of a country or society. Without education, society is not able to realize its dreams effectively. Access to the internet helps many people across the world; they are able to interact with people from different places. By interacting with people from across the world, people’s minds are opened up to endless possibilities

How Can Developing Countries Be Helped?

The internet and other technological advancements in communication have helped spread globalization faster. When technology is utilized for correctly, it can spur economic growth and prosperity. Technology helps developing countries lower their costs of production and encourages the growth of businesses. 

To cure the problem of technology, developing countries must prioritize technological innovation. Secondly, they must endeavor to distribute technology equally across the country. International organizations can liaise with individual governments to realize this dream. 

Young people from developed countries can also help these countries by donating and volunteering in causes that help developing countries. By taking part in gap year programs after high school, you might be able to take part in activities that may benefit fellow young people in developing countries.

Access to quality education and health is greatly hampered by poor transport systems. Majority of children living in rural areas and poor urban areas are not able to get to school. Governments of developing countries should strive to ensure that all children get a basic education. A sure way of ensuring this happens is by improving the transport sector. An improved transport sector play’s a big role, not only, in improving access to education but also spurs growth in other sectors of the economy.

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