Importance of extracurricular activities in schools and colleges

We all have heard of academic progress and curricular activities of students. Everyone wants to excel in their academic performance by increasing their scores and acing in their exams.

But, what about “extracurricular” activities? What are those and how do they affect students in schools and colleges? Do they have any importance in student life like studying the curricular does?

To explain in plain and simple words, extracurricular activities are all those tasks and activities that do not involve the regular school work or academic studying. These activities are outside of the regular academic curricular and hence the name “extra”-curricular.

In most of the schools and colleges, the emphasis on the students is to complete the given syllabi and exhibit good performance in the evaluation of these syllabi. This means getting good grades in studies.

Extracurricular activities are often beyond the basic requirement of the teachers and rarely get students good grades. But that does not make them unimportant or useless.

We all must have heard of the famous proverb “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull”. This proverb clearly explains the need for having extracurricular activities in students’ lives. Each one of us needs to relax by some alternative activity to reduce the stress related to studies and learning.

Extracurricular activities can range between a number of interesting things like sports, painting, playing different instruments, debating, and other performing arts. Anything that is outside the scope of regular studies and not part of the course can be categorized under this heading.

To emphasize the importance of these activities in the student’s life, let us see the benefits it can provide:

• Improvement in Studies:

Well, most people will think that spending time and efforts on other activities like sports and games can cost a student valuable study hours. But research and studies have proved that students who engage in extracurricular activities are far more intelligent and show better performance in their academic results.

When we engage in activities of our interest, our brains relax and enjoy. This gives us a greater mental capability to learn with concentration and focus. Extra-curricular activities help bring improvement in the functioning of the brain and hence improve student grades.

• Wider thinking horizon:

Students who participate in various extra-curricular activities are much sharper in thinking. They are able to think more creatively due to their exposure to a larger number of interests and subjects.

Active participation in a variety of activities also allows a student’s thinking to become diverse and his or personality becomes versatile.

• Self-confidence enhancement:

As a student gets involved in a number of different activities, he or she starts to perform better in these over time. Because his mental capabilities become improved, he starts to perform well in almost all academic activities as well. This performance booster helps him develop the much need self-esteem and he becomes more confident as a person.

Being successful in something that you like and are passionate about, improves your trust in your own abilities.

• Social networking:

When we indulge in extra-curricular activities, we get to meet different people and mingle with them frequently. As a consequence, we not only develop a diverse social network but also learn their traits and qualities.

There are also many extracurricular activities that are performed in teams. These help students develop a sense of teamwork and they learn the ability to synchronize with others.

• Skill development:

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities related to different crafts, music, drama, art, science and other subjects can help students develop new skills and polish their talents.

Those students who are more passionate will develop an extra skill in hand that can be useful in their professional life as well.

• Stress breaker:

When the student performs extracurricular activities along with their regular studies, they get to spend some break time from the strenuous study routine. This helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with busy academic schedules, tests, and assignments.

So, extracurricular activities are very good for relieving of stress related to the academic life of students.

• Resume Highlights:

Professional and corporate world highly promotes extracurricular activities at all levels. Personalities of top managers and good decision makers reflect diversity in thinking and creativity in mental capabilities. These traits are developed through various activities that are separate from the regular academic degrees and qualifications.

For this purpose, it is very important for schools and colleges to promote extracurricular activities to make the resumes of the graduating students more attractive and plausible.

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