How The Best Medicated Dandruff Shampoo Could Work To Your Advantage

Each one of us has experienced the issue of dandruff once in our lifetime. It does not depend upon age, gender or genetic factors. A common misconception is that it is a problem restricted to the scalp but it spreads over to the face, nose, chest etc. Any region of the body which has hair can be affected by dandruff. While some people experience this problem regularly whereas for some it could flare up every now and then.

• Mostly people believe that dry skin is the main reason for dandruff, but this is not the case. Pityrosporum Orbiculare yeast is the main reason of dandruff. This yeast feeds on the oil that is secreted by human scalp and if it overgrows dandruff occurs. Perhaps one of the main reasons why people with an oily scalp are more prone to this condition. So if you are an oily scalp you might be victim of this condition. If it is mild it would clear with a little bit of care and attention. A host of home remedies are there to treat dandruff. You can possible use the best medicated anti dandruff shampoo.

• The second fundamental reason for dandruff does appear to be stress. With dandruff it shows signs that you are stressed out and need to be relaxed. Because of this any skin condition could take the route of aggravation via the medium of stress. For this reason dandruff is directly related to a stressful life.

• Be it your skin or the hair if you want things to be healthy the body has to be taken care from within. By eating food you are not going to have a dandruff problem, but with certain foods dandruff flare ups can occur. Foods which are rich in saturated and Tran’s fats literally force the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil where the problem might reach to an alarming level. Your diet should be a combination of foods that includes mono saturated foods. The foods that are rich in such type of fats are nuts, oil, olives etc. If the body lacks in vitamin B you could also face up this problem. The vitamin B complex is the essence of all basic of hair cells. Your aim should be to eat food which is rich in source of vitamin B complex. Common type of foods include bananas, rice, eggs and oatmeal

• One of the popular reasons why dandruff occurs is due to styling of hair. Numerous hair products are available in the market that does not foster a conducive environment for the hair to grow and stay healthy. The residues left behind by such products do create a lot of problems on the scalp in the form of dandruff. Keep away from hair sprays, gels. So it is obvious the main reason for dandruff is the use of hair styling products at a large scale.

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