Easy ways to remove the white flake problems

People do have a fancy for colouring hair these days and they look really stylish on people. But when one colours their hair they also need to maintain it properly.

Also if the coloured hair has dandruff then one has to be even more careful. This is because; one cannot use anything and everything on coloured hair because there is a fear of discolouration. There are special dandruff shampoos for coloured hair which one can use if they are prescribed by the doctor. It is a good idea to not go for the over the counter medicated shampoos because you never know which shampoo will suit your coloured hair and at the same time will solve the purpose.

There are also some brilliant home remedies which one can try in order to remove dandruff issues. Here are some options.

Curd and Lemon

One can take a few table spoons of sour yogurt or curd and mix it with some freshly squeezed lemon juice and then massage it well on the scalp. Keep it there for at least an hour and do not forget to cover it with a shower cap so that it does not drip everywhere. Then wash it off well with a mild shampoo. One can do it at least twice a week to get better results.

Olive oil treatment

Hot oil massage is the best thing when one is suffering from dry scalp and dandruff problems. One needs to heat a few spoons of olive oil and castor oil together and massage it well on the scalp. Keep it there for an hour and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. One can also keep the oil overnight if they feel like doing so. This not only nourishes the hair but castor oil also prevents hair fall.

Tea Tree Oil

One can mix at least 4 to 5 drops of pure tea tree oil in their regular shampoo and then use it at a regular interval till all the white flakes are gone. Tea tree oil has some anti fungal properties which stops the anti fungal properties from growing again.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is again another good way to remove dandruff. One can mix 2 table spoons of this vinegar with half a cup of water and then pour it over wet hair and scalp after shampoo. Rinse it well and then wash it again with normal water to get a dandruff free hair.

Baking soda

One can take a tea spoon of baking soda and wet it with water and then scrub it on the scalp for a few minutes. This will help one to remove the dead skin cells and whit flakes easily. Do not forget to shampoo after that.

One can always use ketomac anti dandruff shampoo if the doctor prescribes them to do so. They are medicated shampoos which can only be used if they are prescribed in a proper dosage. They are good at keeping the dandruff at the bay.

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