A  Healthy Scalp Means Luxurious Hair

There are many reasons of the dandruff issue in your hair. Oily scalp is one of the most important reasons of the dandruff issue. Those who have an oily scalp are more prone to the dandruff issue. You need to work out on the oily scalp so that you can have dandruff free hair. There are many ways in which you can make your oily scalp better. There are many good and effective home remedies that can be used, or you can also make use of the anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalp to make your hair dandruff free in easy manner

Make your scalp better and have dandruff free hair in the easy manner

If you have extra sebum in your hair, then you may have oily scalp that may then result into dandruff. If your hair produces extra oil, then that can be irritating. You need to understand what the exact reason of the oily scalp is. Generally, presence of sebum on scalp gives a protection layer which is necessary to make the skin moisture less. This will also make the skin dry. If you have excessive sebum in the hair, then the hair and scalp will look oily all the time. This will also result into the split ends. Your hair may also have Malassezia which is a fungus that is generally linked with the dandruff formation in your hair. This flourishes in the oily area of the scalp and it can worsen the issue of the oily scalp and the issue of the dandruff.

How to treat an oily scalp

There are many ways in which you can treat the oily scalp and make your scalp look healthy. There are many good home remedies that ca be used. You can make use of the lemon. You need to take the lemon juice and apply that on your scalp for some time. After this you need to wash your hair with Ketomac Shampoo. For better results you can also make use of the conditioner that will also make your hair smooth. You need to make sure the conditioner suits your hair before you use it. If it does not suit, you will need to face hair fall. If it does not suit, do not make use of it as it will have very bad effect on your hair.

The best way to make your scalp better and healthier

You need to work out on your scalp to make your hair free from dandruff. You need to wash the hair regularly so that they remain clean and the scalp will also remain clean and clear. While you wash your hair, you need to rinse it property so that the shampoo will not remain in the hair. Oily scalp can be treated in a good way and you can have dandruff free hair in a better manner. Just do that in the right way and have dandruff free healthy hair.

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