What Industries Does AI Threaten to Reshape the Most?

What Industries Does AI Threaten to Reshape the Most?

As we enter into a fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence is becoming more of a player in our everyday lives. It seems like every job in every industry could be affected by AI, either positively or negatively. Whether you work in marketing in NYC or sell CT homes, your industry will be affected by AI in one way or another. However, some industries are predicted to be more affected than others by AI. Here are some we think will be reshaped the most.


The industries that AI will most affect are ones that are repetitive and can be done the same way each time but can be more accurately completed without room for human error. But AI is good for more than just repetitive tasks and can analyze flaws and make corrections more accurately than a human can.

 Manufacturing requires both monotonous repetitive tasks, but also an intense accuracy which makes this industry a prime example of one that will be completely reshaped by artificial intelligence.

 AI can help notice when machines need maintenance, generate new ideas for better working products in a matter of minutes, and report data back to the company almost instantly. While some jobs, like low-level manufacturing jobs that take a little experience, will be replaced with computers, other jobs will be created to monitor these systems.


Various financial industries will see a huge change with the further development of artificial intelligence. The need for a financial advisor or broker will no longer exist when we have the technology to do it ourselves. This means a better, less expensive situation for the consumer. AI is also transforming the banking industry, particularly with the use of digital payment systems like Apple Pay.

 You can skip the visit to the bank teller to deposit your check via the ATM or through an app on your phone by taking a photo of your check.

While there is currently room for error, the growth of technology has made this process more exact than if a human took care of it themselves. Security and fraud prevention in the banking industry is also being perfected with technology and can save both the banks and the consumers tons of money over time.


This is another industry that is already starting to be reimagined with the technology we have today. We’ve heard about automatic, driverless cars, which are something that 20 years ago would have felt like complete science fiction. But there are other industries within the scope of transportation that are altered by technology.

 Self-driving trucks can completely change the way we look at trash pick up, snow removal, and even freight transportation. On top of that, we have public transit. Many places have automated shuttle and train systems that do not require a driver, and even in Europe, automatic busses are becoming a thing of the present.

 Imagine the money saved with AI in public transit, and also how much more reliable technology could make this. process.

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