Education - Importance for Career Build


Education has always been the most important part of any Human’s life. Whether we learn it from an academic education or we learn it from the real-life experience. Education is an approach that will lead anyone to good values, better success and indeed... the best life.

Education, as a learning aspect and not just as following trends

Nowadays, Education is treated as a mandatory aspect to get a job or become successful in professional life. That must not be the main aim while getting an education and putting ourselves or our child in schooling/college system. Because what education teaches us is far better than just becoming successful in a particular field.

One must take it seriously because it will not just help any individual reaching far in science, arts, commerce, journalism or any other stream of education, but it will also give values for living life with a better vision and better traits to develop. There is a quote by one of the greatest motivational figures of the world Nelson Mandela that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. It has been proven by a lot of successful people who reached beyond their limits and inspired other people.

Education, likewise any other teaching is a tool to develop anyone physically and psychologically. Various international and national institutions have started improving their way of teaching and how they could help every pupil develop in their own way. Countries like Finland, Australia, US, UK are already in top positions across the whole world. India, having the largest number of young students in and around the country is also developing teaching and learning methodologies with the latest approaches.

Education has only PROS, Never Cons:

A lot of speculations have taken place that a very few streams of academic education are worthy and others are not able to get one a real-time job and success. Unbelievable…. Isn’t it? One can only learn from any academic stream, results can never be predicted in advance. That is just a generalized thought process otherwise, a lot of people have gained success and money both in every stream possible.

Let’s make the generations educated in true meanings and not just for getting a degree. That is something we would never suggest anyone do. Getting a degree definitely helps in making a successful career but if you are not talented enough to go through the next levels, you will end up nowhere. After Completing enough education to build a career, try to find job. As regarding on your selection many students choose competitive exam like UPSC, GPSC, MPSC for build their career. They read extra materials, General Knowledge Books, ICE Magic Weekly Current Affairs, some academic materials to clear the exam.

Some of the Candidates choose their career in education field as lecturer in colleges, Secondary-Higher School Teacher, Principal, Primary School Teacher. Many States publish recruitment notification for various post. To get a primary teacher job in Gujarat Candidates may apply for vidhyasahayak bharti. After online application over appplicants should be called on basis for Vidhyasahayak Merit List for joining.

It’s been a century of the highest number of inventions and developments done particularly in the Education field. That is why the world is witnessing the greatest innovations and technologies around it. That was, is and will always be possible because of the education. No matter what and how a true education always conquers every negative possibility of a failure in a human life.

What is true and Healthy EDUCATION?

A process which sets an ablaze in one’s life for learning in every possible way with the right approach and reaching an ultimate level of success through the right path.

A teaching which must not be taken as a lighter aspect and also, a learning that too not be taken as a lighter aspect of life.

 The only way to bring a true health, wealth and success. Please note that we are not talking about only the academic one. But, both academic and non-academic education is important. Like, how to behave with people is not taught in any school. It is something one learns from his/her home and then from practical experience.

Thus, Education is not just a formal experiment. But the healthiest aspect of life.

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