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Free spell check and grammar checking tools

Sagar mandan 756 07-Dec-2018

The English Language is the world’s 3rd most widely used language. The English Language is not the native language of the most parts of the world; however, such people may use the English Language as their official language or may bring it in their day to day usage. This is the reason the English Language is one of the world’s very few and widely used languages. Therefore, it is important that people must know how to use the English Language properly in their verbal or written communication. The usage of error-free English Language in communication, i.e. verbal or written communication is the key to effective English Language communication.

In the English Language, words have multiple meanings; therefore, if not used wisely, the meanings of the sentences may entirely change. Therefore, people commonly say that the use of the English language in written or spoken communication is not as easy as it seems.

The English Language is among the very few languages of the world that are constantly undergoing the process of evolution. Languages change over time from generations to generations. The vocabulary, grammar, grammatical rules, punctuation rules, pronunciations, morphologies,, and even spellings evolve or change with time. Even those who use the English language in their day to day use necessarily have to keep up with the changes in the linguistics, vocabulary and new rules. Remaining updated with the language changes and keeping a track of the language evolutions is not merely possible. Therefore, the internet was created to make life easier.

The Internet has multiple English language tools that are mainly free spell check and grammar check tools that are meant for making corrections within the content and for making the learning process of the language easier. These English languages find out mistakes, provide the possible and most relevant suggestions to correct those mistakes as well as provide explanations for a better understanding of the language.

Some of these tools are free to use and require no signup or registration. However, there are some English Language spell check and grammar checking tools available on the internet that are priced and not free to use. There are a number of websites on the internet that claim to offer spell check, grammar correction,, and punctuation checker tools. It is necessary that one must use such online tools that are authentic, widely trusted, not only correct the mistake but also help to improve the English language for long-term learning purposes than just correcting the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Among the multiple paid as well as free spell check and grammar checking tools available online on the internet, it is hard to find the best grammar checker and the best spell checker tool available online that is free requires no registration and is easy to use.

Now let us get into the list of best spell check and grammar checking tools.

1. Grammarly: Grammarly is a free and popular grammar and spells check tool. It not only corrects grammatical mistakes but also corrects punctuation and spelling mistakes and also offers plagiarism detection and vocabulary enhancement options.

2. Grammar Lookup: Grammar Lookup is a handy tool that is used to proofread and correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Grammar Lookup is available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

3. Grammar Bytes: Grammar Bytes is an English grammar and spelling check tool that corrects mistakes and provides mini grammar lessons in interactive ways by providing exercises that allow you to test your grammar skills.

4. Ginger Software: Ginger Software is another popular and widely used spell and grammar checker tool that offers grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes check, synonym and word substitution options, etc.

5. White Smokes: White Smoke is a Grammar check tool available for various different browsers and operating systems. It not only corrects grammar errors but also provides clear explanations of the mistake.

6. After the Deadline: After the Deadline is an online, free to use grammar and spell check tool that looks into the text for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

7. Online Correction: Online Correction is a grammar check tool that corrects grammatical mistakes and other areas for language mistakes. It also contains spelling correction, proofreading and punctuation tool.

8. Paper Rater: Paper Rater is an online grammar check tool that not only offers grammar, spelling and plagiarism check tool as well. It is available online and requires no downloading.

9. Punctuation Check: Punctuation Check is a free and online available punctuation, grammar and spell check tool that makes corrections and provides quick lessons on misspelt words, the wrong placement of punctuation marks and grammatical mistakes.

10. English Grammar 101: English Grammar 101 is an English grammar textbook styled English grammar and spell checking as well as a learning tool that looks into the content for grammatical mistakes and provides lessons in chapters, which enables learning.

Updated 10-Dec-2018
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