How to gain more followers on Instagram through Instagram stories

If you want to increase your post reach and grow your following count in a creative way then use Instagram stories. It is not a polished content format, so you can use non-edited videos for your stories. Keep your followers engage with interactive stories. In this post, we will discuss how to gain followers on Instagram from instaboostgram using the Instagram stories.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

The following proven strategies will help you to gain Instagram followers. Here’s how to gain followers on Instagram.

Drive Visitors from Instagram Stories to Your Profile and Posts

Only creating good stories is not enough, your underlying goal should be to figure out the ways that grow your following count. When the viewers land on your profile through your Instagram stories then you can grow more followers.

Incite Curiosity:

Everyone is curious to explore more things, so incite curiosity of your viewers in your Instagram stories. That way, you can drive more traffic through your Instagram stories. Make sure to tag your Instagram account in your stories to make it easy for your potential followers to visit your profile. When you tag your account in the story, it ensures that your viewers can click over your profile from the story.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Call to action is a simple yet great way to grow your following. Get viewers through the Instagram story by including CTA in your story like “For more details, visit the link in bio” or check our latest post and add your thoughts”. It is a good way to turn your potential followers into your loyal followers.

Instagram account takeover:

If you want to get new followers then try to participate in Instagram takeover account. There are two ways to do Instagram account takeover i.e. you take over the account of someone on Instagram and another way is that someone takes over your Instagram account. Using the first way, you can directly reach out new audience while in later case someone will take over your Instagram stories that in result grow your following count and increase your brand exposure.

Drive Traffic From Your Post to Your Story:

The latest Instagram algorithm restricts the post reach that’ why most of your followers won’t see your latest stories. To grow a massive following, it is essential more people see your stories. Try to drive traffic from your post to your stories. That way, more people can see your stories that will increase reach and engagement.

Get Your Stories Seen by More People

If you want to increase the engagement then make sure more people see your stories that will increase the reach of your Instagram stories. Encourage your followers to share it with their friends and following because when you reach to your non-followers your account will grow. It is easy to do, post stories that suit the taste of your target audience. Ask questions, encourage them to leave comments and respond to them. It is a good way to maximize your following count in less time.

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