Successful business starts with happy workers and that’s why it is very important to create surroundings that will inspire them to be even more productive. Therefore, you should pay attention to designing a highly impressive executive office.

How to Create a Truly Impressive Executive Office
Nowadays, executive workspace has to be well organised so that you can finish multiple tasks without the need to go to the other room. But, how will you decide what should be inside that office? The solution is very simple – define your priorities.  You should start with the director’s desk. It has to be big enough for all the files, computer and necessary devices. Naturally, you will need the chairs for the CEO, workers and clients. In case you have enough space in the room for two desks, separate the one for meetings from the CEO’s desk. After that, check how much storage you will need and get some shelves or closet based on that.
Add Some Warmth
Offices can be so sterile and cold, which isn’t good for your workers’ productivity or the clients’ interest. That’s why you have to add some warmth with a few details. Two comfortable armchairs are a big plus when your client arrives exhausted. The focal point of your executive office must be a contemporary rug that will soften the sharp lines between table, chairs and floor. Also, a plant or two will brighten up your working space even during the rainy days.
Your office should speak volumes about your company and that’s why you should carefully consider how you are going to brand it. The best way is to find your own style. If you run a beer factory, then you can keep pencils in empty cans of your products. Avoid clichés such as inspirational quotes on the wall. It will be better if you add some personality to it, like joining a company logo with creative solutions that reflect your field of work. For example, if you own a publishing house, decorate your wall with drawings of certain book characters. You can have a drawing of Mr Darcy tipping his hat to greet your clients at the reception, for example.

How to Create a Truly Impressive Executive Office
Separate Zones
If you decided to go with the open plan office, where everybody can talk and see each other, then you should also create a quiet area. On stressful days, people prefer peace and quiet while working, so enable them to hide away from all the noise. You should have one quiet room on each floor, a place where your workers can take their laptops and work without anything distracting them.
Gathering Area
Business meetings are one thing, but hanging around with your colleagues during the break is completely another. If you don’t have any empty rooms left, how about creating such space in the hallways or on the stairs? If the stairs are wide enough, people can sit on them and discuss work. Long corridors are perfect for quick chats after important business meetings. Believe it or not, but this will increase the community spirit in your company and contribute to productivity. All you need is a few chairs, small tables, colourful cushions or a couch or two.
It’s very easy to get lost in creativity burst while you are designing your executive office. That’s why you need to keep in mind that every part of your working space has to be functional. No matter how beautiful that closet is, it will not be functional if it takes up half of your office. Sometimes, small closets with a couple of drawers are all you need. Floor lamps are beautiful, but totally impractical for offices. They won’t bring in enough light and will take up lots of space. Bright LED lights are a much better solution for you due to so many reasons. Cutting down the electrical bill is just one of them.
Everything starts with a good idea. Once you have a vision of the perfect executive office in your head, define the priorities and start with the research. You can consult with professional designers just so you can be sure that you will get the best thing for your money. Wisely implemented, your vision will become an inspiration to every person who comes to your company. And that’s quite a success already, isn’t it?

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