After successfully completing new extender setup using WPS method, is there any requirement to login into webpage?

WPS method of installing NETGEAR range extender is considered much easier then manual method. In WPS method installation process gets completed just by pressing WPS button on both range extender and network router. This is the reason why this method is also named as Push N Connect method. The process of installing extender using WPS method is that simple that there remains no space for issue to be arisen during installation process. As this is Push N Connect method you does not need to login webpage at any step of installation.
Here comes usage of this local webpage. To change password of your extender network you will be needed to login into

Steps involved in changing password of extender network are:

1.       Connect any client device with extender network. For this select extender network at list of wireless networks. Then you will be asked to enter password. Here you have to enter password same as your router has.

2.       Once link between range extender and router gets established you will be required to launch web browser.

3.       Enter in address bar of web browser.

4.       After entering credentials, you will be logged in. Default username is admin and default password is password.

5.       Here go to Setup and then to Wireless Setting.

6.       Here you can change password as well as security type.

In this way, we can conclude that it is right to say that we do not need this local webpage while installing NETGEAR range extender by WPS method. But once installation process gets completed and we want to change any configuration of extender then webpage is the only way out to do so.

  Modified On Dec-06-2018 09:03:56 AM

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