How To Remove Dandruff From Coloured Hair

These days, dandruff has become a very common problem. There are many reasons why one suffers from dandruff attacks but this keeps happening in people of every age.

This one is quite an embarrassing situation and when this occurs, one faces problems like itchy scalp, dry scalp, flakes of skin and redness on the scalp. The dander keep falling from the hair and scalp and it covers the shoulders and dresses making it quite embarrassing for the one in a public space. So one needs to treat their dandruff problems properly. Each type of hair has its own kind of treatments. If one has coloured hair and it is affected by dandruffs then one needs to treat it in a proper way. There are dandruff shampoos for colour treated hair which one can use to get good results when it comes to fighting dandruff. But again, eliminating all the flakes from the colour treated hair without stripping of the colour can be quite a challenge.

Here is one tried and tested method which one can use in order to get rid of those flakes from the coloured hair. One needs a good hair brush, tea tree oil and olive oil to do this treatment.

Firstly, one needs to wet the hair well with lukewarm water and then apply a good amount of olive oil on both the hair and the scalp. Then massage it thoroughly through the hair and do not forget to rub the scalp well with the finger tips so that the flakes get loosened a bit. Then cover the hair with a shower cap to leave the oil overnight.

Next morning, rinse the hair well with plenty of water so that it can open up all the pores and allow all the dead skins to come loose when it is rinsed more. Then apply a few drops of tea tree oil on the scalp and massage it gently on the scalp. Remember, to spread the oil evenly on the scalp. This particular oil is a natural extract which one can get from medicated stores and beauty stores as well. Keep it on the scalp for few minutes then rinse it with warm water.

Finally lather the hair with the dandruff controlling shampoo that one uses. These shampoos are mostly safe for coloured hairs and apply it well on the hair and the scalp. Rinse it properly and then wash it off. Repeat the shampoo process again to get better results.

Once the shampooing is done, one has to towel dry the hair and let it dry out naturally. Do not blow dry as it can worsen the dandruff situation. It is advised to use tea tree oil on coloured hair because it is a natural moisture and it has some anti fungal properties as well. But one has to test first whether tea tree oil suits them or not.

One can also use ketomac shampoo hair fall if they think there is too much of hair fall due to dandruffs.

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