How Digital Marketing Can Help You Expand Your Business at a Much Faster Rate

It’s no secret that effective marketing is the secret to a company’s growth, but with the help of the internet and other digital tools, you can hack your business’ growth so much faster. Digital marketing is very important in today’s world. It keeps you relevant and informed about the latest trends or issues your company should be working on.

Moreover, the use of digital marketing gives you both local and social presence, and this gives you the capacity to reach people in many mediums and channels of communication. This not only gives you an edge from competition, when done right, digital marketing will give you a lasting growth that can guarantee your business’ survival for a long time.

Aside from these, digital marketing offers so many benefits and that is further discussed below.

Greater Reach 

Through the use of digital marketing, you can reach more prospects in a short period of time. Just as the internet is accessible everywhere, in almost every country, your business can reach more people globally.

Many e-commerce companies started out this way; they didn’t need to set up a brick and mortar store in the area. They first started creating an immense social and web presence before they set out to have warehouses or brick and mortar stores to put their products.

You no longer have to build a huge billboard or print a thousand fliers to make noise or get noticed. A short video ad on Facebook, YouTube, or Google can do the same magic with just a fraction of the cost. You can also easily network with other brands that are thriving in the same niche as yours. This makes attracting targeted traffic (website visitors) very easy given that your website has a compelling copy, of course.

Moreover, there is another digital marketing strategy many marketers use nowadays, and that is influencer marketing. It’s basically networking or being friends with real people who have a huge social following and an established authority on a certain niche or topic. And for every topic/niche, we’re certain there’s an influencer for that.

Digital marketing is ideal for startup or small businesses who wish to expand their reach but doesn’t have enough marketing funds for huge advertisements.

Targeted Audience

Perhaps the most exciting thing about digital marketing that makes marketers go crazy is the amount of data they can use for ads and retargeting campaigns. Gone are the days of painstakingly segmenting audiences on their own, as advertising platforms have an easy and comprehensive setup for marketers to manage and run their ads.

Facebook, for example, lets you customize your ads down to your desired target audience’s behavior. If you are running video ads, you can easily set up a retargeting campaign depending on how far they went on watching the video, say 75% of the video ad you were running. Segmenting and retargeting is more time- efficient and easier.

Better Audience Interaction

There are 4 things that are key to a business’ success; operations, marketing, sales, and customer service. Outsourcing experts from Bradford Jacobs believe that customer service is especially important since online businesses deal with a lot of cold interactions.

A person can buy something on your page without even talking with a single person. They are on their own and guided only by your website or your own mobile app.

So when things don’t go the way your customers expects it to be, they get easily frustrated and it can backlash on your reviews/ratings, affecting your sales in the long term. One negative review can cost you a lot of business.

Thankfully, this can now be answered by messaging automation tools and your customers can receive an immediate reply even while you’re sleeping.

Messaging automation tools need to be set up effectively for it to be of help. Sometimes, it’s better to be upfront about it and inform your customers they are talking to a robot rather than pretend they are talking to a human.

You can send your customer to filing a refund form, scheduling a follow-up call, etc. Being able to read customer responses gives you and your team ample time to investigate on the matter and come up with a better resolution lessening friction during the live chat.

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