Information About Baby Kicks

The moment you feel a flutter in the starting stage of pregnancy does point to a baby movement. In fact these movements emerge during the 7th month of pregnancy. This is an early stage for a mother to even feel them. In most cases babies do start kicking once they touch 9 weeks and that works out to be the time in order to move their limbs. The kicks can be detected with the aid of an ultrasound scan. Once you reach 24 weeks of gestation, the hiccups along with the kicks of the baby do become important. A pregnancy kick counter would provide you ample indication about the baby kicks.

If a reduction in terms of kicks occurs it points to the fact that the baby is in a state of stress. The moment you do go on to touch 28 weeks the doctor asks you to keep a count of the kicks of your baby. In a couple of hours the baby happens to kick 10 times. If a reduction in fetal activity occurs it can point to considerable degree of stress. This could lead to the following issues

Nutritional problems- the physical and emotional state points to baby problems. If the nutritional supply of the brain is not proper it can lead to improper development of the nervous system and the brain which could reduce the fetal activity. Keep walking or drink a lot of water if you are not able to feel the movement of the little one

Placental absorption- there is a restriction on the flow of oxygen and blood to the uterus that does take a toll on the development part

A premature rupture of the amniotic sac could take place- it would lead to a reduction in the levels of amniotic fluid and the fetal movements of the baby reduce due to lack of oxygen supply

With an ultrasound, you can go on to detect the heartbeat of your baby and the main reason why the reduction of movements has taken place.

In the later stages there is nothing to worry if the kicks of the baby reduce. The babies are known to rest in the womb for 20 to 40 minutes and this could even extend to 90 minutes. But once they grow in size the movements do become a lot difficult. So it is an obvious fact that the kicks would reduce once you reach towards the end of pregnancy. A kick counter for pregnancy would point to that direction. But at this point of time you are likely to experience painful kicks or jerks that is normal during the course of pregnancy.

These movements do indicate the future growth of the baby. As per experts the movements of the baby do indicate the future behaviour of your child in the future. But this does not stand out to be the only criteria for the behavioural development of the baby.

For sure all these above facts would have made you a lot better.

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