What is Digital Centralization?

Digital Centralization is a process of connecting the various devices, so you can have access to all the functionalities of available devices. It helps in developing a smarter living and connectivity to maximum devices. Digital Centralization in any business organization is very beneficial which connects all devices and provides a single connection to the authorized user and help to keep an eye over the activity of every employee. As the data of any organization is very important, the data at a centralized place can give an authority to access details while being in any part of the world. It only requires a limited user access to save the data from any outside attack like hackers, malware, spyware or any other ransomware attack.

Digital Centralization

Digital Centralization is also very beneficial for homes. In the present scenario, almost everyone is having access to mobile phones. These mobile phones connect us with the whole world, likewise, we can access our household smart gadgets while sitting at any corner of the world. There are various applications available which give us the authority to access every corner of our house while installing cameras at home, can switch on our Air conditioner before reaching home or off in case forgot to off it.

Digital Centralization

Examples of Digital Centralization:

1. Smartphones: A huge amount of the population is having access to Mobile Phones or we say Smartphones. These smartphones provide us a pool of information due to the Internet. So, the smartphones have the access of television as well which help us to watch live television on our smartphones and other mediums which allow online watching T.V. Series and Movies (like, Amazon Prime and Netflix). Smartphones have minimized or say centralized our gadget needs on one, means we don’t need other electronic items or gadgets to access different details. Through smartphones, we can access emails, social media, net surfing, receive or send text, and make calls as well.

2. Smart Speakers: The development in IT and Technology field has introduced smart speakers namely, “Alexa” and “Google Assistance”. They feature voice-activated digital assistance which can be operated at home with a normal Internet Connectivity. Smart Speakers are the intelligent devices which are a source cause of Home Automation.

Advantages of Digital Centralization:

1. Data Centralization can ease the accessing of data and speed up the data search in any company or the organization.

2. Centralization decreases data redundancy. Every employee doesn’t need to put a copy in his or her computer database, which saves a lot of data space and makes easy accessing.

3. Centralized Training and Standardization of works minimizes the replication of tasks and actions.

4. Centralization provides a quality security to the pool of data of the organizations.

Disadvantages of Digital Centralization:

1. Data Security can be breached, as it has to pass through various points or nodes to reach to the destination node. While passing through different points, it becomes difficult to track detailed information.

2. The communication medium follows a proper chain, which was provided a specific time duration and delays in the process may cause loss of data.

3. A centralized administrative system develops an inequality between the employees while data accessing. Only the higher authority or the verified users are only allowed to access the data.

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