Once school and college are over, we ought to seek out on our own and choose our paths! Having a career in a field that you love and wish to grow is essential. But to finally be able to decide, as to which career path to follow is laden with challenges and confusion. But let’s say that you are through this confusion and have decided to pursue a career in IT (Information Technology) – how do you go on from there?

An IT career path is a highly coveted one by many. It is a successful and lucrative career field to pursue. However, candidates who are new to the IT career field often get bewildered with the career options that available. And deciding which IT field you want to specialize is a crucial choice an aspiring candidate is required to make. From having the scope to specialize in data management, cloud technology to cybersecurity and more, the options are endless.

Wondering how can you possibly arrive at the best decision? You can follow the steps discussed below and go ahead in your IT career path.

1. Recognize the IT service arena that you want to specialize on

Today, you have several options under IT specialization areas to select from. So, you need to think of the subjects and specialization area for which you have a natural calling. Sometimes, making this decision might take a considerable amount of time. Also, you might need an expert hand-holding as you arrive at the final decision. According to SkillsBuild Training, it is a smart call to reach out to a career counselor to take help in making your decision. Some of the prominent IT career fields that provide lucrative employment opportunities include the following:

Network and Cloud Technologies

IT Management and Strategy

Web and Mobile

Hardware, Services, and Infrastructure


Software Development

Storage and Data

A career counselor will put you through various questions and also guide you in a way that you can decide the best IT career you want to pursue. Once you know the specialization area, the remaining path naturally unfolds before you.

2. You need to select a chosen certification

The moment you've decided which IT specialization is correct for you, the next step arises. It is where you can make a start? And it is here that you need to delve on the aspect of specific certifications that you can opt-in for Gordon Gekko quotes. Today you have access to four crucial IT certifications category, and they are as follows:

• Fundamental – This certification is for IT students who are entirely new having limited experience in this domain.

• Professional – It is perfect for established IT professionals or the entry-level IT workers who wish to grow and nurture their skill sets.

• Specialty – Here the programs concentrate on enhancing your already existing IT know-how.

• Mastery - This certification is for those IT professionals who have sufficient experience and also wants to grow their knowledge and skills.

The moment you start with your practical courses, you have the chance to get acquainted with several specialty subjects that exist inside this field. And this provides you the scope to decide which IT career field you want to select.

3. Select a college, university or an institution

The moment you are particular about the certification, it is essential to find out the college, institution, university or center from where you will pursue the IT career course. Usually, these programs and certifications are carried on by eminent IT career training centers and sometimes universities. You can select the one that is easy for you to attend.

4. Compare the course structure and fees

No IT certification training course is going to be free of cost! Hence, it is essential for you to make a smart investment choice. Sometimes, the same certification course is provided by two or three universities or institutions at a different price structure. It’s always good to spend optimally and add to your savings. So, go ahead and make a comparison of the course structure,telecom trends the mentor quality, placement opportunities if any and the price structure. It will help you to make the best choice for yourself.

5. Make the necessary changes

If you are a complete fresher, then pursuing an IT certification training course will come easy! However, if you are a working professional who wants to expand his/her knowledge base and grab a better job, you need to dedicate quality time to the certification training programs. And for this, you might have to make necessary changes in your life, for instance working part-time for a while. You also will have to take extra interest in IT trends and news. Maybe you could subscribe to a few magazines and increase your reading habit.

Selecting an IT career is never easy. Right from choosing the IT specialization area to pursuing a certification course, it requires adequate planning and organization. To start with, if you follow the basic guidelines discussed above, you can plan well for yourself.

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