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3 Reasons to Adopt FedEx Shipping Solutions for Your E-Store

3 Reasons to Adopt FedEx Shipping Solutions for Your E-Store

In the year 1984, FedEx went international. And thereafter, it has never looked back. It became an epitome for providing excellent shipping solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. Over the years, FedEx has brought different countries of the world together and has shaped a progressive community out of it.

If you are a Magento based ecommerce store owner who makes use of FedEx Shipping services, you must have faced the issues of managing different aspects of FedEx Freight Shipping. And this happens every time you want to ship a product. It includes visiting the website of FedEx, checking out the shipping rates, selecting shipping options, managing configurations etc. Now, this is quite a tedious task for every product that they are supposed to deliver.

Thanks to the technology, you can totally take care of all the aspects of Magento FedEx Shipping aspects from within your store. There are several Magento FedEx Smart Shipping extensions that can help you do that. What are the ways in which these extensions can help? And why should you adopt one of them for your e-store? Let’s find out:
No More Configuration Issues

Shipping of dangerous goods can put several e-store owners in fix. This includes shipping of unsafe goods like dry ice, alcohol, etc. If you do not want the shipping of these goods to affect your brand, you can choose whether or not you want to allow these products. A FedEx plugin enables you to do that. Also, Admin gets an option whether they want to allow the holding of goods at FedEx location or not.
Admin of the Magento e-store can easily manage the above-mentioned functionalities through the Admin panel of the software. They just need to ensure that the extension they integrate with their website has a user-friendly backend.

Get Over the Address Blues

Having managed your Magento e-store for quite some time, you must have come across several instances wherein you are about to prepare a shipment, discovering to your horror that the mentioned pin code is wrong. And then, you are clueless as to where should you deliver!

Through Magento FedEx Shipping Extension, you can get the address validation feature. Which means, if the customer feeds in a wrong postal/city code, the extension will provide them with a prompt for the right location. Thereafter, they can choose the right option and check out. It is also possible for the Admin to change the address in case of discrepancies.

Transparency with Shipping Rates

It is quite obvious that your customers would want to know about the shipping rates before they order for a particular product. Now, as you provide shipping through FedEx, they would have to visit the website of FedEx to know about the ongoing shipping rates. Now, wouldn’t it be awesome you could reflect live shipping rates from FedEx’s website right on your e-store?

By reflecting the rates directly on your store, your customers can know about the rate and shipping method changes on the FedEx website. You can also fix the shipment rates for different methods depending on the dimensions and weight of every object.

Winding Up…

If you want to bring changes in the way you implement shipping, you will find many reasons to do so. The sooner you decide to do it, the better it is for your business. Streamlining shipping processes of your Magento E-store through Magento FedEx Smart Shipping will save a lot of your time. And you can make the most of that time to expand your business.

Last updated:6/2/2020 6:05:40 AM
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