4 Essential Things to Add in Your WordPress Coming Soon Page

4 Essential Things to Add in Your WordPress Coming Soon Page

A coming soon page can help your site build an audience even before launching your website. It is a page that shows that the site will launch soon. It is bland if you only put “coming soon” in your coming soon page. You need to use the page more wisely by putting many features and elements in it. With this, you can maximize your coming soon page by creating an excellent first impression towards your audience. In this article, we will show you four different features and elements you can include in your coming soon page.

About blurb 

The first thing you should consider to add in your coming soon page is adding what the page is about. Explain clearly what your future site is about. Give them a few details on what your site can offer and how they can enjoy your site. Besides from explaining clearly, make sure to explain it in a way where your site can entice them. Make it short and compelling to your audience. A few sentences are enough to grab their attention and wait for the launch of your site. This technique, when executed properly, can also give you a possibility that your audience will spread the news online.

Launch date 

After showing what your page will be about, you should also put when your website launches. Just by only putting “coming soon” can be vague for your audience. If you have created an enticing about the blurb for this page, it can be more enticing if you include the launch date of your site. This feature can give your audience a drive to mark their calendars to remember the launching of your website. In case of not having a specific date of release yet, you may not give a particular period. You can provide a time frame for this instead, then edit it when you have a specific date set for your site.

Call to action 

Call-to-action can amp up the drive of the people to subscribe to your site on its launch. With your enticing details in the coming soon page, it may wear off after a couple of hours in the mind of your audience. CTAs can help avoid this instance. You may opt to put a subscribe call-to-action to your mailing list to give them updates on your site. Because of this, people will not be behind of the new information you are releasing every time. You may send them messages about different progress in your site. When the launch date arrives, you can send a message that your site is up.

Social media profiles and sharing links

Putting social media profile links and social media share buttons can enhance the marketing of your page. When you ensured that your content in the coming soon page is enticing enough for your audience, they will share your page and make noises online. Clicking your social media profiles and following your account is also likely to happen when you include it in your coming soon page. You can give updates and different information on your upcoming site. When the site is up, you can post it in your social media pages, and it can notify your audiences.

Including these four different features in your coming soon page can boost your site even before it is released. If you have a WordPress site, one of the easiest ways is to add a WordPress coming soon plugin to your site. These features can also create a community who will be your audience after releasing your site. Now all you need to do is create an excellent design for your coming soon page, include all the necessary features, and put it up online. Best of luck on your coming soon page!

Last updated:9/7/2019 12:19:00 AM
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