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Sound Design And Music Production Course In Mumbai

Diksha Sharma 777 18-Nov-2018

What is the first thing a sound designer do when he/she is tasked with designing a background music like the one in Game of Thrones? How do they source the sounds? How do they make their sound so expressive? How do they come up with any creature’s language? How do music producers create such heart touching songs?

Sound Design And Music Production Course In Mumbai

Do these questions bother you all the time and want to build a career in the same? 

Here’s everything that will solve all of your doubts regarding music production and sound designing course.

What all will be included in the course? 

Sound designing is not just related to creating music. By now you must have realized it covers more aspects than just being an electronic music maker. But what all the institute will teach you? Why should you go and join a course? Here’s an overview of the course:

What is sound and the basics of it

Monitoring the system

How to sync sound

Recorders of the field

Signal Processors

Microphone Techniques

Fundamentals of Acoustics

Consoles & Virtual Mixer

Digital Audio Technology

Track Laying

Application of DAW

Sound Effects

Studio Visit (Foley & Track Laying Studio)

Producing the film soundtrack

Project & Tips and Tricks

Premixing & Session Backup Techniques

Sound Design And Music Production Course In Mumbai

As sound engineering can’t be practiced over pen and paper, institutes use software like Nuendo, Pro tool, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro Cc to teach all there is to develop or create any kind of sound and music.  

There is one thing that you should keep in mind always. A sound is a form of art and creativity is one of the significant factors that can introduce you to grand success. Institutes can only teach you how to create sounds and try to enhance your skills. But in the end, it depends on just you, how you take all the learnings into practice. Practice is what is required to be of the level of David Farmer. So, accordingly choose the duration of the course.

The institutes provide you with options of durations to complete your course like a year time where you would be having classes for five days or 6 months course where they would be calling you three days a week, but ideally, you should opt the one which gives you enough time to practice. So choose wisely as every individual is unique, but if it would have been me, I would have gone for the latter option as I would be getting ample amount to play with my music.

During the course you will realise which field of sound entices you the most, even if you don’t there is no need to worry as you can explore different areas of sound and then know your forte but before entering the course you should at least know about the career option which will be lying ahead of you. Here is the list of that:

Electronic Music Producer

Dj producer

Recording Artist

Mastering Engineer


Band Manager

Music Arranger

Electronic Artist

Sound Designer

Sound Design And Music Production Course In Mumbai

The requirement for sound specialists isn't merely in the studios. It's additionally in the film shoots, live occasions, organize appears, radio stations, generation places of TV programs, channels, after creation studios, and so forth. Institutes like Zee Institute of Media Arts(ZIMA), trust that instructing understudies about center abilities is most fundamental while fusing innovations. So, enroll yourself to the institutes which have the same belief.

Hope this article solved your questions and all the best for your career.

Updated 07-Sep-2019

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