How to Build Your Digital Presence as a Software Developer

How to Build Your Digital Presence as a Software Developer

It seems everybody nowadays is a software developer. And with good reason. Historically, software development has been proven as growing industry, with solid to amazing pay checks, and added perks that you really can’t find in other professions. But, of course, this all comes with a price – over-saturation.  

Namely, the market is over-saturated with other software developers, and getting work as one takes some time. One of the best ways you can truly stand out among other developers is by building your digital presence online. You will seem more professional, and will be something more than just a face in the sea of programmers and script kiddies.

Set up a blog 

When speaking of writing a blog, we don’t mean you start writing about what you had to dinner and how fascinated you are with Coliseum during your latest trip to Rome. What we do mean is to actually talk about your job. Now, of course, writing itself is work, but with practice you can get better. And there are many directions you can take it. For example, you can map out how you're learning or perfecting a new language. Perhaps you can keep it as a way to get your thoughts out of your head, and onto the screen. Think of the whole world (or at least the people who will read your blog) as your online rubber ducks.

Now how does this help you? Well, first of all, you combine writing your blog with the actual work you do. You actually improve your education and practice through this blog. And, the added (and main bonus) is that you develop an online presence. An employer can see exactly what your thought process is like, and decide right there and then whether you will be a good fit or not for his or her company.

Update your GitHub account properly 

Having a filled out GitHub with many projects will show your employer that you continuously work on your craft. It shows passion and dedication to the very trade itself. However, are any of those projects finished? If so, how many? Having 90% of your stuff “in progress” for over a year (and will probably stay like that for another hundred) just makes you seem like you can't finish what you started.

So, what to do? Delete these projects. Be completely 100% honest with yourself, and see whether you will finish them or not. Removing them will also help make your account easier to navigate. It will then actually show off the projects you have completed, instead of having them stay buried in a pile of haphazardly scrambled up code.

Make your own website 

How to Build Your Digital Presence as a Software Developer

Setting up your own website is much like setting up your own blog, just in another direction. You still get yourself more visible, more “real” on the internet. Anything to stand out basically. The difference here is that it’s a bit more direct. Here, you can present your portfolio. On the other hand, if you want to, you can combine it with your blog and host it here. Using WordPress is a great way to do this. And of course, don’t forget about setting some basic SEO while you’re at it.

So, find a nice, professional photo, and put it online. If needed, invest in a good photographer. You can also place your biography, your educational background, and an extended resume. Don’t forget to connect and place all necessary social media here, and place a section with references as well.

Use social media

Utilize social media properly. Twitter and Facebook are probably the best two choices. Setting up proper Facebook advertising, either alone or delegating to a specialized company or experienced employee, is a must. Now, what this means is that you spread yourself out there more easily. Facebook and Twitter allow you to get into conversation with people with similar interests. It’s an opportunity to learn and to improve. And you never know who’s listening. The very next job offer can come from that one person you had a polite discussion on social media.

This may seem a bit naive, but know that you need to create opportunities. It’s a numbers game, and it's up to you to wait it out a bit, and hope that someone will notice. And, of course, this all necessitates you being good at your job, and being a hard and dedicated worker.


In order to stand out, you need to give your all. This means working hard, and getting yourself out there. Everybody has a good CV nowadays, everybody worked for this and this company, but having a blog, social media, or a website makes you more human. People actually get a human face (CV photos don’t count) when reading your resume.

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