7 Common SEO Mistakes That Can Affect To Your SERP Ranking

Having your own business but worried about the low-page rank that possesses despite your SEO efforts. Make sure that you are not committing any major mistakes that are lacking the growth of your ranking in the SERPs. See the below list of 7 common SEO mistakes that you stop doing immediately in order to get a higher page rank in the search results and best digital marketing & SEO practices to be followed.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords 

Selecting the right keywords for your website is very important. Sometimes it happens that the wrong keywords are being chosen and it affects the SERP rankings. You have to select the keywords from the perspective of the users. There are certain tools available that can help you to get the correct keywords for your content, you can definitely use them.  

Think about the terms that your users might search when they look for your products and services and accordingly set the long and short keywords for your website. The keywords should also be set properly in the content, in the title of the web-page, in its description also. The keyword density should also be kept in mind while putting the keywords in the right place. 

If the users are not getting driven to your site then you can think of changing the keywords. Wrong keywords are definitely going to keep your potential customers away from your business, so make sure that you don’t do this mistake. 

Using Keyword Stuffing 

Now, you have got the right keyword for your site and you might think that using them more and more in your content will boost the ranking of your web-page, then it is the biggest harm that you are posing on your website. Some people think that using the target keywords in every sentence will get them a very good page-rank. This is called keyword stuffing and it is very harmful to the ranking digital marketing agency in delhi for your website. 

Your SEO performance will degrade and your website will be harmed. It is a useless approach and the search engines get a very bad impression of your site because of it. Google uses a special technique called the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) which understands the content, its topic and its meaning so there is no such need for stuffing your content with the repeated keywords.  

Using Duplicated Content 

This is one of the biggest mistakes that the website owners do sometimes. Never use the duplicated content on your website. It will definitely degrade the ranking of your website in the SERPs. The search engine bots when finding out that the content is copied from any other source, they will definitely take it into their notice and can even blacklist your website if the mistake is repeated frequently. 

Instead of copying the content from any other source, create a new, fresh content and upload it on your site. Hire any content writer for doing this work for you if you have a good budget or you can even do it on your own. The visitors can be attracted to your site when you keep publishing new content on a regular basis and engage them for reading it. 

Fresh and meaningful content will surely help you to increase the page ranks of your website, so keep doing that. 

Skipping Meta Descriptions and Title Tags 

The content optimization doesn’t get completed once you have included the proper keywords, you have to also include the title tags and meta descriptions too. They are the important elements of SEO too. If you skip putting the descriptions and tags for your content, then you are missing out the crucial factors that are going to help you in getting a very good page-rank in the SERPs. 

When the search engine bots crawl the website, they take into account these parameters for ranking your web-pages. The meta descriptions and titles should also contain the keywords in order to get a higher ranking in the SERPs. 

The images should also contain the image alt tags as they help the web crawlers to recognize what the images are as they can’t see the pictures. If the image is not visible on the site due to the network issue or any other issue, then they will come to know what the image is all about through the alt tags. 

Missing Quality Links

It is important to have quality external links on your site. But, it should be well-noted that the links should be of some good source only and not from any random website otherwise it will degrade the ranking of your site. The search engine bots see that the links are from any reputed domain or not and accordingly they give the appropriate page rank to the web-page.

The external links help us to get more traffic and eventually help us to boost our business brand. The brand name can even degrade if we put links from any random and unknown source that is not so much famous or itself has the bad page ranking. So, avoid using the bad links and use quality links only to increase your page ranking and Domain Authority as well.

Missing out on a Mobile App

Today’s world is very fast and people are relying more on mobile applications to get their work done quickly and also efficiently. The mobile applications are driving more users than the website these days. So, it is very essential to have a mobile application for your business too.

Not investing in the development of a mobile application for your business, you are missing out the potential customers and also you are putting the constraints on the ranking of your website to go high.

Not only your mobile application should be developed as soon as possible for your business, but it should also contain the required features that make it user-friendly. The SEO of the mobile application must be carried out too in order to get the highest ranking in the App store or Play Store as well.

Missing out Analytics and Social Media Marketing

Social media helps you to promote the activities of your business, its services, and products to the global market within a short span of time. A lot of new, potential customers come to know about your different products and they are driven to your website eventually making your brand famous. It will help to boost the ranking of your website as the search engine bots come to know about your popularity once you start promoting your business through the platform of social media.

You can even watch out the analytics of your website through the Google Analytics tool and see what age of people are driven to your site, from what medium are they coming, what are their likes and dislikes, what are their behavior patterns and many more things. This can help you to get a very good page rank for your website in the SERPs.

Ending Note

Thus, these were the 7 common mistakes that one should avoid doing in order to get a very good ranking in the SERPs. Correct these mistakes and we ensure you, your website will get a higher page rank in the results of the search engines for sure!

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