5 Effective Ways To Transform Your Website Traffic To Mobile App Installations

5 Effective Ways To Transform Your Website Traffic To Mobile App InstallationsIt is never a hidden statistic that online searches and activities are likely done on a mobile device than a desktop computer. According to research by Stone Temple, 63% of all online visits in the whole year of 2017 are coming from mobile devices. It grew from 57% in 2016. Because of this rising trend and potential domination, mobile device optimization deserves to be prioritized by many websites.

However, many businesses have created a mobile app for their company because it's deemed as necessary. After creating one, you need to market it because there is a low number of users who will search for your app in the app store without proper marketing. In this article, we will show you five different best practices that will help you advertise your mobile app installation for your audiences. These practices will be focusing on using your website traffic into app downloads. 

Produce an eye-catching Call-To-Action (CTA) 

Some users need a little push to download your app. For that to happen, you would need an eye-catching call-to-action on your website. Success isn't based on how many are the people visiting your site. If they aren't converted into downloading your mobile app, then you need more effort and elements to do it, which can be a clear call-to-action that persuades your website visitors to download your app.

It can be in the form of a button or badge that can attract your website visitors. It should be the first seen when they entered your site, or it can have attention piquing design that can be appealing to them. By doing it this way, it will be easier for your audience to know where to download your app while looking at the rest of your site. The buttons and badges will easily redirect you to either Google play store, Apple app store, or to other websites where they can get your app. 

Constantly A/B Test 

Mobile apps should undergo the process of A/B testing to improve the user experience of the app and user engagement. A/B testing can also drive new users of the app through marketing it and through app store pages. According to research by SplitMetrics, A/B testing can improve the conversion rate of the app from a range of 19-26%. The main point of using this testing method is to update your app with the elements that are most preferred by your target audience. Thus, it can maximize your app’s conversion rates. It allows the researcher to test two different variations of the landing page and the results will dictate what is the most appropriate to the target users. Editing and altering various elements in your app store page will improve your app’s performance in garnering conversions.

Form a Public Relations Strategy 

Producing a complete public relations plan is essential in making a higher exposure for your app. One of the most effective public relations strategies is the utilization of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a top trend today when it comes to advertising towards your target users. It allows your brand to be marketed by an influencer that is famous and highly valued by your set of audience.

Influencer marketing is a form of native advertising, and according to many research, native advertising is more effective than traditional ads nowadays. Most users tend to trust more on an individual than the brand itself. Another insight is influencer marketing is most likely based on social media, where all people are active, especially the followers and fans of the influencer of your choice. Paid ads and boost posts will help your brand more in maximizing the potential of your influencer marketing. 

  Create an Email Marketing Campaign 

It will be beneficial if you have a list of your subscribers that have given their emails to you because you can start sending out emails and start your email marketing campaign. You can quickly send them details about your app and other benefits and advantages when they install your app.

You can create three messages for three different kinds of audience that you may have. First is the new users where you should ask them to install your app and deploy all details about your app. Second is the existing users where you can solicit a review and rating of your app. You can also give them special offers and deals since they are continuing users of your app. The last group is the existing users but has low usage rates. You can help by giving features of the app and other details that can drive them to use your app more often. 

Beyond all of these techniques, email campaigns can quickly build trust between you and your users. Both of you are creating a personal relationship that can positively influence your brand. 

Promote your App on Social Media 

Almost 1/3 of the time people spending online is going to different social networking sites according to Global Web Index. It will be easier for you to target people through social media since most users are accessing social media using their various mobile devices.

Facebook is the most used social media platform because of its broad reach and number of active users. But you can also use other platforms because each social media has its niche that can help you in reaching your target audience. For example, if you are targeting younger generations of the audience, you can use Instagram in promoting and produce visual contents to pique their attention. 


It will be easy for you to direct your website traffic into app installation conversions as long as you have crafted a well-thought plan and strategy. Make it always appropriate for your target audiences and still give the highest regards to them because without their inputs, they may not support and download your app. Just follow these five different ways, and you are good to go for a positive effect in your app conversions.

Last updated:9/7/2019 12:18:54 AM
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