Get to Know the Latest in Web Development with Drupal 8

Get to Know the Latest in Web Development with Drupal 8

With the latest release of Drupal 8 from the Drupal web development company, the web development projects are going to get better with its new features and tools. Let’s have a look at how it is better than the previous versions of Drupal.


It is going to be definitely expensive to do a project in Drupal 7 and not in Drupal 8. People are moving towards Drupal 8 due to the advantage of good features, plugins, and other tools provided. The Drupal web development community is focusing majorly on the development of Drupal 8 and so the development of Drupal 7 is coming to an end.

As the enhancement of the features of Drupal 7 is stopped, it will miss the key elements needed from the security point of view. The features available in Drupal 7 will also be poorly maintained and so using those features won’t be worth for your website.

Drupal 8 has the latest features and tools that anyone can use for enhancing the user experience of the website. Investing your time and money in the latest version of Drupal is more beneficial rather than investing it in the outdated version.


Security is always the major concern for any website as the important data of the users has to be protected at any cost from getting stolen. Custom Drupal development team has always focused on the security issues and taken huge efforts to fix the bugs in all the versions of Drupal.

Now, with the release of the latest version i.e. Drupal 8, the major attention of everyone is on improving it. Everyone is busy making it more secure and faster and so the security flaws of it will be solved very fast. If you are stick with the older versions then you may have to wait for these security flaws getting solved.  

So instead of focusing your development on the older versions of Drupal, it is wise to upgrade it to Drupal 8 so that you can get better security advancements. 


Performance is always a concern for every website as it has to be excellent in order to make the user experience of the customers great. The improvements have been made in Drupal 8 and now it is the perfect option for an average site.

The loading time of the website developed on the platform of Drupal 8 has been reduced to a great extent and the websites get loaded very fast. The data retrieval and storage in the database has also improved and so the information can be fetched faster now. 

The best part is that the support of PHP7 is provided with Drupal 8 and it is the fastest version up till now. The loading speed and caching speed has been improved to a great extent with Drupal 8. The bills generated for the hosting part can be reduced highly when you switch over to this latest version. 


Yes, this is the most crucial advantage of Drupal 8. Being future-proofed it will be able to tackle the challenges that are going to come forward and with the rapid changes coming in the web development field, it can stay on the feet. 

The web development scenario has changed over the years and in the era of fast transformation, the Custom Drupal development has remained successful in coping up with the latest advancements and in fulfilling the needs of the users.  

In the upcoming years, IoT, AI, machine learning will be largely incorporated in the development of the websites and the best part is that Drupal 8 has the tools and features to stay updated with these future technologies. There are APIs available for implementing every kind of module in the future. So, there is no need to worry about the future scope of this latest version of the Drupal web development. 

Have a look at some great benefits of Drupal 8 which will surely attract you and it will help you to make your website more professional and more user-friendly with its excellent tools and features. 

  • Innovation

Drupal has always won our hearts when it comes to innovation and with the latest release, the level of innovation has reached the next level. Some of the new features like views integration, editing content, twig configuration management, restful APIs are very helpful in fulfilling the needs of web development projects.

  • Speed

The rendering of the website is made fast with Drupal 8. Unlike the other versions of Drupal, this platform provides a better front-end performance for the users. The response given by this platform is faster and also the page loading time is faster. The caching of all the entities is done efficiently so that the time is not wasted in the rendering of the same content again and again. 

  • Scalable and Customizable

The modules of Drupal are customizable and that’s why it is used by a large number of small and big organizations. The scalability of this version is similar to that of the previous versions. The businesses are able to grow faster with this version.  

The connection with the other applications can be made in an easy and convenient manner with the restful API. There are multilingual translation features provided with Drupal 8 and so our website can be viewed in a number of different languages as per the requirement of the user. 

  • Enhanced Security

For any application or software, the security is a major concern and that’s why the platform selection that has to be made for developing the website has to be done very carefully. Drupal 8 enhances the security environment and that is one of the reasons for its popularity. The trusted hosted patterns, Twig security, dynamic URL detection, Symphony PHP are some of the new features that provide a safe and secure environment for web development. 

  • User-friendly and Flexible 

Drupal 8 is more user-friendly and powerful and it is very easy to build small flexible modules as per our use. There is no such requirement of having the coding knowledge for working with this platform and that is the best part of it.  

The block and views system make the layout friendly and even those who don’t have the web development and design knowledge can work with it in a pretty easy and convenient way. The modules of Drupal are of very high quality and they are maintained in a good way by the team. Also, these modules are free. 

  • Constant Support Provided from Community

The community support of Drupal is amazing and every time you face any problem, the community is ready to solve it for you. The community consists of developers and tech enthusiasts who are providing an immense contribution to the development of Drupal and making it grow constantly. There are nearly 6.5 lakh people in the Drupal community. The developers in the community develop the modules and test them rigorously before the deployment process. 

Thus, these are the reasons for convincing you to upgrade your system to Drupal 8 so that you can host your system on a much better and flexible version. Also, if you are having your site build on some other CMS then you can plan to migrate it to Drupal 8. The migration process will be completed easily in no time.

We hope that now you have understood the benefits of Drupal 8 and very soon you'll be planning to upgrade to this version. 

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