A Guide to Test Your Wifi and Make It 3x Faster

WiFi running at a snail’s pace? We know how annoying it is. Slow WiFi can halt all your online tasks such as web browsing, new extender setup, online transaction, etc. Around 99.9% of people run into WiFi issues from time to time. Perhaps it starts to slow down for no clear reason or maybe you have the feeling that you are not receiving the speed you are paying for. The only solution to this problem is to test your WiFi speed and make it 3x faster. Yes, 3x faster! Let’s get to know how.
Take your internet speed test

A Guide to Test Your Wifi and Make It 3x Faster

The WiFi connection speed of your device may differ from the internet speed from your service provider. So, it is important to take a test. On Windows PC, follow the steps below:

1.    Press the key combination of Windows and D to show the desktop.
2.    Right-click on the wireless adapter icon appeared in the bottom-right corner.
3.    Click on WiFi connection.
4.    A new window will arise which displays your computer’s wireless connection details.
5.    Check the speed section that indicates the internet speed.
Now, you know the WiFi speed you are accessing. Increase it up to 3x by following the instructions given below:

1.    Put the router in a proper place

The right place for your router is a flat surface on the floor. Don’t hide it in a cabinet or behind any solid object. An open area is perfect for your device. Somewhere away from stone, metal, thick, dense brick, concrete walls which could obstruct the signal.
Make sure to place your router in such a way so that signals go straight through walls rather than at an angle. The strength of wireless signals gets weaker once they hit walls at angles. Having multi-floor house or workplace? Keep the router on the top floor to get maximum coverage.
Now, connect to the WiFi and try accessing any website such as mywifiext. If it works properly, the position of your router is perfect. Or else, place your router at least 10 feet far from certain objects and devices which could interfere with your signals. Such devices include halogen lamps, microwaves, baby monitors, refrigerators, mirrors, speakers, garage door openers, cordless phones, etc.

2.    Add a high-gain WiFi antenna

Most of the wireless routers include an antenna or two but sometimes, they are not powerful enough to transmit signals to hard-to-reach places and far-away corners. Adding a high-gain WiFi antenna to the access point or router can instantly fix the speed issues with network. You can even use a booster antenna which extends and strengthen your router’s coverage. If you opt for a Netgear booster antenna, ensure to access mywifiext.com to set it up according to your router’s settings.
Bonus, these antennas provide you coverage over large areas such as warehouses, offices and outdoor spaces. Consider buying the most popular and a reliable antenna for your router.

3.    Change the channel

Let’s tell you TVs are not the only devices on which you can change channels. The same scenario goes with WiFi networks. In order to lower interferences from neighboring wireless networks, switch the channel on yours. Go to mywifiext.net setup page and select the less-crowded channel for you. In case you change the channel and your signal is still not getting the desired coverage, try another one until you find the stronger channel for you.

4.    Install a new range extender

Say bye-bye to dead zones with WiFi range extenders. If all else fails, go with this one. WiFi extenders, also known as boosters or repeaters, receive the incoming signals from router and rebroadcast after amplifying them. Netgear is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about range extenders.
For installing and configuring a Netgear range extender, go to mywifiext.net login page and enter username and password. The next page that arises will provide you on-screen instructions for setup. Simply follow them carefully and set up your device.

For any type of Netgear extender support, you can call our expert technicians. We are always at your disposal to fix your issues before they start maddening you.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try all the aforementioned ways to speed up your WiFi up to 3x. Also, let us know which method worked the best for you via comments below.

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