Why Writing Skills Are Essential to Succeed in Business and Technology

We are in the communication age. If you cannot communicate, you may not make it far or be taken seriously. Writing skills are able to amplify or accentuates the skills we already have. In the worlds of business and technology, writing is still critical despite its non-obvious presence.

Good writing has these qualities:

  • It is systematic
  • It is audience-oriented
  • It is informative
  • It is thought and action-inspiring

What exactly makes writing essential in tech and business?

It helps people communicate effectively

As a businessperson, you will need a lot of correspondence back and forth. You will receive communication from your team, suppliers, clients and many other sources. You will communicate with banks, shareholders, and many other people. Some of this communication has to be documented and stored.

Other people will access the information. They will want to know what is contained in there. For example, if you have venture capitalists funding your business, they will want more than scribbled notes when it comes to things such as business plan and strategy.

Good writing shows you are formal

Almost all business-related correspondence follows a structured format. For example, you cannot scribble down a business order. It has to be in a formal business invoice. Other documents that must come out formally are business communication documents, agreements, proposals, plans, etc.

Good writing also determines the tone of the presentation. Good communication always comes out as polite. It also comes out as reliable and credible. Assume you are informing your team about an upcoming austerity measure. If you bring it out in a harsh way, you will lose some of them. If you have mastered the art of writing, a simple email detailing why you will no longer host monthly team-building events can go a long way.

It brings your brilliance out

Ever had a great idea but you needed time to flush it out? The truth is that you lacked the basics of communication. Sometimes the things that we cannot express simply are things we don't understand adequately. Every entrepreneur or job seeker out there will prepare an elevator pitch. It is what determines whether you will find success in your field or not.

If you can break down an issue, opportunity, or idea in just two minutes, you are truly knowledgeable in that field. Such business or career-related writings rely on trial and error to perfect. The rewards are worth the effort. The more you try to break your idea into its simplest form to attract a recruiter or funding agency, the more you sharpen yourself.

Even when one wants an employment boost, you have to rely on your writing skills. Things such as restructuring the resume, sharpening professional forums and networks such as LinkedIn, and making interview presentations require writing.

Establish yourself as an authority

Success in today's globally competitive world requires knowledge and authority. One way to stamp out that authority is through empirical data and research. Research is useful only if it has empirical proof. Such proof is good in written form.

The scientific community, who rely on technology, show authority through published works. No matter how much one can outsource writing, finding a way of owning the work is imperative. The more they get recognition, the more they have to give talks and presentations to global audiences.


Being a science major or not, the art of writing is imperative if you want success. Things revolve around documentation when you are a business owner. Even your ideas should be written down to keep them alive. To attract a serious investor, you need good proposals and plans. However much you want to escape writing, you will always come back.

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