Organizing Around the Office with Velcro Cable Wraps

Organizing Around the Office with Velcro Cable Wraps

When you are in charge of managing your office, you play a very important role in the overall effectiveness of your office’s workflow. If your office is not properly organized, people will not be able to have access to the resources that they need. This can cause the productivity levels to fall, which can have a negative impact on the company.

By taking the time to make a concerted effort to have an organized office, you make it better for everyone who works there and help to make the office a better place to be and to work. Here are some ideas on how you can organize your office with Velcro cable wraps in ways that help to increase workflow and productivity.

Know What You Have and Know What You Need

One of the very first things you should do when you are going to organize your office, is to figure out what you have and to determine what you need more of. Perhaps you have a ton of old computer equipment and cables, it may be a good idea to sell old equipment and use the funds from the old equipment to go towards storage supplies for the items you need.

After you have gone through your equipment and found what you no longer need you can figure out what you do need. Making room by getting rid of old equipment gives you more space to be able to have space for things that your company does need.

Cable Management and Tech Gear: Enter Velcro Cable Wraps

Like most offices, you probably have a lot of tech gear, ranging from spare computers and cables to USB and all of the other tech gear that your company may need and use. Having an organized system for your cable management makes a huge difference. It allows everyone to be able to easily and quickly find what they need without having to make more of a mess or having to search through a box of tangled cables. Velcro cable wraps are your total solution to cable management issues.

Labeling your equipment will make a huge difference when people go to find things. If items are labeled in logical ways that makes sense, it discourages people from having to search through things and make a mess. When trying to determine how to store your items, start by putting the things people need most frequently in easy to access and obvious places. It will help them save time looking for what they need or having to go and ask for help to find stuff.

Organizing Work Supplies with Cable Wraps

Other things you will likely need to organize at your workplace are the essentials like: paper clips, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. Rather than having these items strewn throughout a closet, have them stored near one another and make use of bins. By storing office supplies in bins, you can keep things together and make it easier for people to know where things are.

You really want to provide ease of access when you are organizing any equipment that you have. Even if you have the best organizational system for teen unschoolers, it does not matter if no one can figure out your system or can access their supplies easily. By labeling and putting things together in an easy and logical way with cable wraps, you really help to make your new system more sustainable.

Working Together With Others in Your Office

When working to improve your organizational system in your office, it is not a job that one person can do alone. You may want to get input from others around the office. Ask people what they use consistently, what supplies run out fastest, and things that they wish the office made use. If they are looking for cable wraps or cable ties, ask if they want reusable or regular? Velcro or hook and loop?

By being inclusive and asking other employees you make sure to give them what they actually. There is no need to guess about what supplies to get more of or try to figure out what people may need, just ask. You can go directly to the source and even get some suggestions on what ways the organization around the office could improve.

Final Thoughts

Organizing an office is not an easy undertaking and is certainly not a job that one person can do alone. Ask other employees for input and what their needs are, this helps gives shape in your process and gives direction. Organizing with Velcro cable wraps will make a huge difference. It is also important to take a look at what you currently have and what you may no longer need. Getting rid of old equipment and supplies frees up space for other equipment and it helps to remove unused clutter that just gets in the way. 

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