Top Apps for Freshman Year of High School

It is true that students’ plate in high school is not just filled with boring classes, but also sports gala, club activities, SATs and social life of proms and pep gatherings. Classes in high school for your GCSEs or A-Levels can be certainly nerve-wracking, therefore, don’t head into your classrooms unarmed, turn to your iPhone, tablet or laptop. Fortunately, there are plenty of applications out there to get you organized, keep you encouraged and on track to reach your objectives. For these applications, you need smart devices such as iPhone, iPads, tablets, Mac, etc, if your smart devices aren’t running rightly then sell used iPhone and upgrade!

Begin as you mean to go on using the best that the tech industry has to deliver. If you are structured early on, you are much more expected to make a flawless study strategy and essentially stick to it! To save you a little of time we have assembled our pick of the massive number of top-notch applications available at the moment to keep you in tip-top form!

Top Apps for FreshmanYear

Surviving your 1st year away from your sweet house as a freshman in high school can be problematic from the freshman 15 (the estimated 15 dollars most Freshman avail their 1st year) and balancing high school with work to keepingup a social circle. These must-have applications will make all the modifications.

1. Cash App - Venmo

This is a money transfer app, you can send money on Cash App and Venmo is an essential app of your high school years. Truthfully, you will feel like you and your fellows all share the same 20 dollars in your freshman year of high school.

These applications are must-haves because you and your other strapped for money buddies can support each other by dividing expenses and paying each other back pressure-free.

2. Cam Scanner

Running through high school floors and grounds and reliant on a variable library is time-consuming and nerve-wracking so rather thanpurchasing a private printer that will shut down your hall’s Wi-Fi, Cam Scanner app can save you,

 Time

 Money

 A few dirty looks

Documents such as assignments, quizzes etc can be scanned in high resolution, sent to wireless printers, and shared among others by using social mediaplatforms and e-mail. All your documents can also be transferred among your devices such as iPhone, Mac etc so you will never have to uneasiness about leaving your device, laptop behind.Repair used Macs if you want fast-moving apps in your device and run this app on a new device.

3. Mint

Saving money and making financial arrangements are an enduring skill that Mint can support your startup in your freshman year. While providing tips on budgeting and saving, the Mint app pathways your expenditures, loans, and daily transactions.

4. Blackboard

Nearly every high school will have different courses, quizzes and assignments listed on Blackboard. Available as an application,

 Assignments and grades

 Acourse calendar and chat rooms

Are all available for students with the additional push notifications.

5. OfferUp

Shopping for your freshman year of high school is the most exciting thing but you will most be expected to purchase a few things you don’t require that take up the already limited space in your dormitory. Selling them on OfferUp is as simple as snapping a photo and letting the globe know you are ready for some hard $$$. Buying products on OfferUp is an inexpensive alternative to retail costs on the flip side.

6. EasyBib

It is totally free for students, this app can scan and save all the resources you have used for your assignmentsmaking MLA, APA, and Chicago style certifications. Similarly, custom-madeis also available bibliographies that can give you a great head begin for research.

7. Uber and Lyft

Depending on your high school, keeping your vehicle on campus might not be reachable. It is possible that parking passes can be costly, some high school towns have better bus pickup facility, and you will leave campus less than you would think. For the times you do require to leave your school, downloading applications like Uber or Lyft can be an actual life-savior,specifically because you can dividedrive charges with friends.

8. GoConqr

If you are a little of a social learner, GoConqr is the perfect app for you as it permits you to associate and work together with your best buddies, fellow students or even students on the other side of the globe! You can join in with uncountable ‘Learning Groups’ on dissimilar study subjects, share and post resources and get responses and guidance from other persons studying the same topic. It is visual, cooperative and lets you study on-the-go!

9. Exam Countdown Lite

Find it challenging to keep a record of your forth coming assessments? Exam Countdown Liteapp offers a handy optical notification of all your vital coming dates. You will keep yourself fixated as you can effort lawlessly review how much time you have got to fill up earlier you sit each exam. We adore the fact that you can color-code all your examinations and assessments and use signs as a rapid visual orientation for each topic. Students of high school can also write notes to remind themselves of whatever they require to bring on the day.

10. Evernote

This app is way more than only a place to add/store notes. It is the eventualorganization application that lets you add a to-do,

 Lists

 Images

 Webpages

 Memos and more

Whatever way you like to prepare yourself, we are 99.9% assured there is a function for it on this application. You can write the notes, handwrite notes and photos them, store different things as word docs or PDFs - it truly is the only organizer you will ever require!


In the end, you need a high spec device for these applications. If you want to change your device then recycle used MacBook Pro, save the surroundings and get a new one for your high school.

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