How to hire a Minibus in Croydon for a group trip?

How to hire a Minibus in Croydon for a group trip?

If you are looking to go on any kind of group trip and are looking to hire a Minibus in Croydon, it is important for you to know how you need to go about it. There are companies listen online that are fake and just take requests to scam you or worst. It is important to beware of such corporations because they simply mean harm and you need to have a grasp on how to avoid such situations, especially in groups where only one person does not need to leave the situation but many.

You can search online and find a company, it will look completely legit and have a working customer service but later you will find out that the company is not what they seem to be online. Websites are a blessing and a curse, people think that just because a website is well-made it will also be legitimate which is not the truth.

There are different types of minibus hire scams, one would be Minibus Van Hire Car, the issue with this website is that they use another Minibus Hire in Croydon service provider and act like they are the middlemen but they will get a money deposit beforehand and then you will have to pay the same amount to the driver that arrives with the promise that they will return your money. However, they do no such things, one person said they had not returned 800 pounds and there was no sign that they will be returning it.

How to Avoid the Scams?

Permits and Licence

First things first, make sure the people driving you to hold commercial driving permits, or they hold a Driver Certificate of professional competence. It is illegal for heavy-duty vehicles to function commercially without these things. If a company does not have these things, then be sure that they are not the right one for you.

VAT Number

Value Added Tax Identification Number is something no legal company can work without, no company in the UK can be on and running without a working VAT Identification number which needs to be displayed on their website, so make sure to take a look or ask them for it because all Minibus hire in Croydon have them.

Address and Number

Address and number need to be verified to see if they actually are working from there or if it is a dummy address of someone who is not involved in the actual business and may not even have an idea of what is going on. It is illegal to remove the postal address from any UK domain that is providing services according to Minibus Hire Now UK.

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