Increase Your Own Productivity By Investing In Your Personal Development

Working for yourself is often one of the most challenging things that you can do. Barraged by a constant list of things to accomplish and, as many of them are considered to be difficult and time consuming tasks, you could be experiencing a lot of feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. The reason that you may be feeling these things or having trouble getting the work done is that you are not putting enough effort into your own personal development. 

The relationship between productivity and personal development is very close. The majority of people who do not plan for self-improvement in their lives may find they are often torn between their own belief that they have what it takes to get the job done and that they cannot handle everything involved. These feelings lead to low quality work or procrastination.

By making a list of your strengths and your weaknesses, you will be able to better evaluate what areas of yourself that need to be worked on. Schedule one hour a day for you to spend on improving your weaknesses. This one hour a day should not be thought of as time away from your business, but as another strategy for you to improve your business.

Your hours spent on improving yourself can be spent in several ways. For many, taking an online class, listening to tapes, or reading self-improvement books is the most beneficial. However, do not invest any money into these items until you verify they were written, produced, or taught by an expert in the topic itself. As the industry is so large, you can be guaranteed to find the ones you need to improve yourself.

Your productivity will be hindered by any feelings of incompetence or inadequacy you feel. It doesn’t matter that you own the business; these feelings can make it more challenging for you. However, investing the time into your personal development will help you to be more productive and earn a higher income

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