Everyone is familiar with the travel portal, why travel portals this much important for business? any guess? No! ok, Well we will try to keep it in a very simple way. In short a layman's language.

"Travel Portal is a website that offers most of the travel-related information with booking & payment facility. You may book flights / hotels / tours / packages / cars etc."

Implementation of travel technology in the field of the travel sector.

The Internet has robust potential and it can promote all major industries across the field without any boundaries including the Travel and Tourism sector. This sector is further demanding and fruitful as people are more likely to discover the beauty and mysterious things of god available on earth.

The recent trend of Travel development management has helped the travel industry to follow a step process of growth.

Why most travel agents favors travel portal? 

• Agents can sell products online using this travel portal, the objective is commonly described is to achieve a common goal that is to attract more and more customers by providing great discounts, highlighting product information such as prices, photos contact details, ratings, reviews, etc.

• Travel portal designed along with the advanced tools that are contract management, stock management, and account management which helps all the travel business agents to keep a check on all the records which at last leads to an increase in business effectiveness and efficiency.

Why only travel portal development?

The time is now, Let's get creative! A platform which sums up with all the development of the travel booking which will provide features such as:

• Ticket bookings of both Domestic and International.

• Hotel room bookings

• Car Rental bookings

• Holiday package bookings

• Online payment

• Automatic sending SMS after confirmation of ticket

• Agents own account ( for its deposit and expenses)

Along with these features websites are GDS and API integrated, which means this website can access information from the reservation systems of the leading Airliners, Railways, Busses, Hotels and Car rentals as well as from the mid-sized and small service providers across the world. This feature of your website will help customers get the required information about their own choice among a variety of choices.

Who can own a travel website?

On a daily basis, customers are upgrading themselves with updated and all new technology in the market.

E-commerce just not have introduced a changed business pattern but also had brought a drastic change in purchasing and selling of products.

Nowadays, all kinds of businesses have adopted themselves in these changes. Information technology companies are now developing a variety of different software for all kind of business.

Businesses that can use online travel portal are : 

• Small travel agencies who want to expand their business as well as increase their customer base.

• Leading travel agencies

• A person who wants to newly enter into this business.

Why travel technology companies are using a travel portal?

• The company provides customers with all the relatable information, These portals fetch all the needed values from the main server which have legal permission. 

• Provide customers with affordable fares which one can dream every time  

• These provide a proper way to do promotions and advertisements for the business which enhances a chance to attract more and more customers regularly. 

• Although it's very useful for travelers to reserve their hotel bookings, air tickets online or hire a car online for the required time interval, provide services for 24 hours with low-cost convenience. 

Points to remember while designing travel website

Before travel website design, there are few points that one should be remembered. Some of the most important ones are written below: -

1. "Carry Anywhere" being mobilized in nature as it could be prepared in such a way that can operate in all smartphones devices, laptops, and tablets  

2. Get ready to provide customers with great offers and surprise deals. 

3. Add on with proper customer support services from all possible ways to get in touch with customers. 

4. Effective search option is mandatory for its proper working on the portal  

5. Provide a platform to customers for asking reviews and google ratings. 

6. Indulging ourselves in developing and maintaining good relationships with partners or associates of the company. 

7.Search Button Option for properly getting the information from the Travel portal site 

8. Finally, allow the website to get live for our end users

"These are some of the essential points that one must need to know before the designing and development of a Travel portal website." 

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