A Complete Overview About Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Visitor visa 600 is a special kind of visa which allows a person to visit Australia for a holiday, to meet their family members or to visit Australia for business purposes. One cannot do a trade or cannot search for a job till this visa ends. It is a temporary visa. This Visitor Visa 600 is valid according to different streams associated with it, but the maximum is 12 months.

Streams of visitor visa 600:-

Tourist Visa:- In tourist visa applicant are able to visit recreational purpose or to meet the family members. If the applicant.is outside Australia then one needs to remain outside Australia at the time of visa grants and if inside Australia then vice versa. The duration of this visa is for 3,6, 12 months depending on the situation.

Tourist visa also has two parts:-

Study tour: This visa is granted to the group of student who is there for study purposes, but their teacher who accompanies them should apply for a business visitor visa.

Parents of Australian citizens: Parents of an Australian citizen or permanent resident can visit their children and after submitting the documents visa interviewer may increase the time duration of their stay.

Business Stream Visa:-This visa is granted to those who have business-related work In Australia, it can be anything business meeting, negotiation. The applicant needs to be outside when applying for this visa.

Sponsored Family Stream: This visa is for those who are going to visit Australia, but their whole trip is sponsored by someone else. One should be outside Australia at the time of visa grant and doesn’t apply for another visa till this visa is valid.

Approved Destination Status stream: This visa is for Citizen of the Republic China citizens who are traveling in a group tour which is organized by some travel agency. Applicants should be outside Australia when applying for this visa.

Eligibility criteria for this visa:-

Person needs to submit documents as that one is able to sponsor the trip.

Person needs to submit health and character certificate.

Person needs to prove that one is genuinely there for a trip and doesn’t have any other intentions.

Person also needs to show health insurance for the duration of stay in Australia.

Person cannot work in Australia until this visa is valid.

The duration of the trip visa is generally 3 months generally but the applicant needs to convince the interviewer about the condition, but the decision of the interviewer will be binding.

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