How Can You Get Better with Your Local SEO Campaign?

How Can You Get Better with Your Local SEO Campaign?

If you are planning to boost your local SEO, getting in touch with one of the best SEO companies can be a prudent decision, which can get you more visibility before your local customers.

Local SEO is a process that requires you to convince search engines that your website contains information that is useful for the web users of a particular location who might be searching for the same information, services or products offered by you. With Local SEO, you can get the search engines to understand you better which, in turn, gets your site a better ranking.

Here are a few features that you can work on to get better results from your local SEO campaign:


This is a compulsory feature for any webpage as it defines the page. Hence, you need to be absolutely bang-on with it. With the following tips, you can achieve just that:

  • Include your brand name in the title.
  • Include the main keyword in the title.
  • Mention the area where you operate in.

Try to have a title that is not more than seventy characters.

Meta Description Tags

Make sure that all your pages have a meta description as it makes it easier for the search engines to comprehend your page, thereby ranking it better. The meta description tags also appear as snippets in the search engine result pages, luring web users to click on your page. Try to use the following points to improve your meta description tags.

  • It should have your brand name.
  • It should contain a summary of the content of the web page.
  • Include keywords in it.
  • Give the details of your location of operation.

However, take care not to stuff the description with keywords, making it look spammy. Make a point to keep it within a maximum of 155 characters so that it fits the space of the search engine result page.


Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing depend on structured data for getting the best results for web users. These are often found to endorse Schema as a good markup language for their crawlers. They are often found to sense out your data with Schema. The mark-up language can present the data in a way you want it to be, but it presents all the significant data to the search lot.

Your site’s content

Do not stuff your keywords, like the location of your operation, in the content as it can lead to keyword stuffing, which is often penalized by search engines. Instead, fit in the location in a way that looks natural and not deliberate. And, of course, make sure that the page is relevant to the location you have mentioned.

Geographic targeting

You can do some specific things if you want to target a particular country, state or city. Like, you can use the webmaster’s tools to opt for the place you want.

Maps on your site

Embedding the location of your office in Google maps on your ‘Contact Us’ section can be very helpful for your client in locating you, in case he wishes to visit you, thus helping your local SEO campaign.

Sign up for local business directories

Web users who actually want to buy a product or hire a service usually go for local search. Hence, reaching more and more local customers is a must. A great way to do so is by registering yourself in the local directories. This seems easy but you need to invest quite a lot of time to accomplish this. You may choose the most popular local business listing in order to save time.

Moreover, you may also sign up your company in LinkedIn and Twitter. These may be wide-ranging but are adept at offering better search engine ranking to its listed profiles.

Review sites

Being present on the review sites enhances your location relevance through information and links given in the profile. Participation in such sites can help your business grow through the reviews of users. Positive reviews by your present customers can get you more new ones, thereby helping you flourish more and more.

Get in touch with one of the best Social Market Way Firm to get all this done in an effective manner, and see your business thrive.

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