Borderlands 3: How to defeat the game's toughest bosses ?

Borderlands 3 are a video-game Looter Shooter that has earned the affection of fans of this genre, thanks to the infinite possibilities that has this new delivery of Borderlands.

A huge universe and millions of weapons available are some of the most attractive elements of this great Shooter. But, another quite distinctive feature of Borderlands games is undoubtedly the large number of bosses who own these games and many of them quite complicated, where it will require excellent reflexes and strategies to defeat them.

For that reason, below are a series of recommendations that will facilitate the defeat of the 3 most problematic bosses of Borderlands 3, with the aim of helping those players who wish to face these hardcore bosses.


The fight with Killavolt takes place in Lectra City and is the culmination of the search mission called "Kill Killavolt", requested by Moxxi.

Killavolt is an electrified beast that is characterized by its rapid attacks and very difficult to dodge, so we recommend the following:

  • Keep moving to avoid electric floors
  • Killavolt's main attack is to electrify the floor through electric waves, so if a player is standing on the area where this attack is aimed, a lot of damage will be done. The main problem of this attack is the enormous speed at which it is carried out, so to avoid them requires much attention and coordination, but the most important thing is to keep moving as long as possible. Any pause in movement could cause a surprise electric shock. 
  • Do not use shock weapons against Killavolt
    Killavolt is a boss with electrical skills, so electric shock weapons aren't effective against him, obviously. The most effective weapons against Killavolt are those with corrosive or incendiary effects. 
  • Don't get too close to Killavolt
    Never make the mistake of getting too close to Killavolt, as this enemy will end up kicking them with their long feet. Killavolt's kick causes quite critical damage, so keeping your distance is the best option. 

Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt is the boss at the end of the planet Athenas, and is based on a combination of the three types of heavy enemies; incendiary, corrosive and commotion. This fight takes place in a huge courtyard and during the confrontation a series of smaller enemies will appear, so this fight becomes quite complicated.
The most recommendable thing in the fight against Captain Traunt is the following:

  • It shoots towards the generator that is in the back of this boss
    Captain Traunt is a pretty robust boss, which means that shooting at his weak spot is the best option against him. Captain Traunt's weak spot is in the generator in his back. Although it is extremely difficult to reach this chief's back, firing that area is indispensable to cause critical damage to Captain Traunt. 
  • Always keep two of the small enemies alive
    During the confrontation against Captain Traunt a group of small enemies will appear that will try to interrupt the fight. The most recommendable thing against this type of enemies is always to leave two of them alive. This will allow us to obtain a second wind, which will be activated when eliminating one of the two enemies accumulated in this fight. 
  • Use shock ammunition against enemies with shield
    It is recommended to always use a weapon with shock ammunition against any shielded enemy, and Captain Traunt is no exception. This heavy commander has a quite large shield bar, so it will be necessary to remove his shield in order to diminish his great defense. When Captain Traunt's shield is destroyed, this enemy's health will begin to wear out much faster and it will be much easier to defeat him. 

Katagawa Ball

This boss appears in Skywell-27 and is the old Katagawa, a character that had only been heard in communications until the time of the confrontation. When Katagawa makes his appearance, he emerges with the control of a huge sphere called Katagawa Ball. This complicated battle can result in a headache if you don't know exactly what to do.
For that reason, the following is recommended:

  • Use corrosive munitions against metal-armored enemies
    Corrosive ammunition is always the best choice against metal-armored enemies, and Katagawa Ball is one of them. A corrosive weapon will make this fight much easier. 
  • Use shock ammunition on your shield
    The Katagawa Ball attribute that causes the most problems is its immense amount of shield. Two-thirds of Katagawa Ball's health belongs to its shield, so (as stated above), shock ammunition is the best option, as it can remove shields more quickly. 
  • Take advantage of the good coverage of the central section
    Katagawa Ball will normally try to cross the fighting field, to take advantage of this, you should try to attract this boss to the elevated section of this room (the area where the fight begins), then jump to the bottom of this central area, which has a lot of coverage. In this area you can also find several closets and containers, which can store ammunition, while taking advantage of the moment when Katagawa Ball is shooting aimlessly. 
  • Staying in constant motion
    If we stop paying attention to Katagawa Ball for just a moment, he can attack us from behind in an instant, even before he notices. For that reason, it is recommended to move continuously throughout the room, while keeping an eye on Katagawa. You must also shoot into the big sphere that this boss has, otherwise he will try to throw and shoot easily some quite powerful and surprising projectiles. 

Borderlands 3 have a lot of unique and also quite complicated bosses. For that reason, require a good strategy and specific conditions in order to defeat him. For that reason, it is recommended to buy Borderlands 3 money through websites specialized in these businesses, as this is the fastest and easiest method to obtain large amounts of currencies, which will help increase the chances of obtaining the weapon needed for a specific situation.

That said it is hoped that these tips have helped facilitate those complicated Borderlands 3 boss battles, which have filled many players with despair.

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