Why Door Hangers are so Effective Advertising tool for Business

Since the evolution of marketing, companies come up with strategies that benefit them in every way. The use of smart marketing ways helps the companies to increase the image of the brand in the eyes of several customers, and by doing so, the generation of profits is great.

The use of effective marketing strategies is done to reduce the costs of investments, to target the maximum audience, and to increase the credibility of the business itself in the eyes of potential customers. It was, and it is always the customers who are a reason for the prosperity of the brand and the business. Every business takes adequate measures to stand out and to try to be on the top in what they do and in what they offer to the customers. Customers were, and will be, the stairway towards success and failure of the business; hence, doing things that the customers like and want is the only way towards the top step of the ladder.

One of the best ways to market and to advertise about the product is by the use of door hangers. Although there are a few who will think otherwise, the use of these hangers and advertising cards bring justice to the marketing of a brand’s products or the services it provides.

Why Door Hangers are so Effective Advertising tool for Business

What are the Hangers for Doors?

These hangers are made out of plastic or cardboard to hang around the handle of the door. The die-cut door hangers are of rectangular shape but have spaces in them to hang around. The use of them is to indicate simple and common things like “do, not disturb” signs.

Moreover, these can be of great help and can be very effective for small and large businesses. Unlike the mail, these are hung directly on the doors of the potential consumers and, thus, are noticed more often. The main reason for the use of these hangers is for the promotion of the brands and the products or services that it provides.

The reasons which prove that the use of these is effective are many, and some of them are as follows:

Why Door Hangers are so Effective Advertising tool for Business

These cannot be ignored:

The two ways of mailing an advertisement are by the use of conventional mailing service and by the use of the internet. Both of them can be ignored very easily. The number of advertisements that are sent into the trash folder from the internet is many; this is because there is no time to view such emails and adverts. It is proven in the researches that the people ignore the mail, and it is because they receive too many of them.

Customers do not come across the custom door hangers every day. Thus, the use of these does not bore the customers, and neither do they get offended.


One of the most important reasons to use the print door hangers is the overall costs in the manufacturing and in the targeting of customers. The major drawback of using the direct mail marketing technique and service is the massive overall cost. The cost of mailing thousands of postcards and to pay for the designs of the pieces combine together to be the cost that is massive. For smaller companies, it is impossible to bear the expenses and all for nothing other than ending up in the trash cans.

Although the difference in the cost of mail and the hangers are small, the effect is greater. For almost the same amount, more people get aware of the brand and the services that it provides with.

Why Door Hangers are so Effective Advertising tool for Business

More Brand Lift:

Brand lift is the boost in the interaction of the brand through the use of different marketing and advertising campaigns. It is used to measure the positive shifts in the awareness of the customer and, moreover, their perception.

The reason why printed door hangers are known to be more effective is that the customers hardly receive it. This way of advertising is known to be unconventional and, thus, proves to be much more effective. The Door Hanger Printing provides a platform for businesses to surprise their customers through the use of them.

Other ways to increase the brand lift is by including discounts and promotional bonuses or vouchers for the consumers. The increased value that these hangers bring to the knots of the doors through vouchers and discounts surprises the users and the consumers so much that this way of marketing is widely known as effective marketing and advertising tool.

Why Door Hangers are so Effective Advertising tool for Business

For the Reinforcement of an Advertisement:

These door hangers are widely used to reinforce an already existent advertisement. The reason to reinforce the existent advert is to remind people about it. Suppose the product or service is advertised in a newspaper, magazine or on the television and it needs reminding for the people to remember it again, the use of these cards and hangers play a very important and distinctive role in doing so.

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