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Things to experience in Himachal in a short backpack getaway

Things to experience in Himachal in a short backpack getaway

Himachal Pradesh is a favorite among backpackers and of course for a reason! This Northern state of India is blessed generously by nature and beauty. Himachal’s iconic beauty arises mainly from the majestic Himalayan Ranges.

The landscape presents a varied topography comprising some intricate mountain chains intermittently paused by gushing waterfalls, gurgling streams, green woods, frosty hilltops, extensive meadows and crystal clear lakes; and each corner reserves a hypnotic surprise that makes exploring the vistas all the more attractive.  

The colossal mountains contain the state nestled in its heart and this mountain beauty presents a fine blend of arts, language, clothes, customs, and culture. Beautiful sleepy hamlets with quaint houses straggling up the Himalayan slopes that are built in the traditional style gets enveloped by smoke rising from the hills. The forested paths that wind and unwind up and down the slopes offer a sense of timelessness.

Life in hills is down-to-earth, simple and moves at a slow pace. The backpacking trips of Himachal Pradesh gives you a chance to explore the enigmatic beauty of Himachal Pradesh staying close to nature at all times.

For backpackers, Himachal forms an attractive destination because of its different shades and colors of life, nature, and lifestyle. Walk or trek through the dreamy mountain paths. Tread wherever you feel like.

Stop at the beautiful valleys and meadows to enjoy nature’s beauty. Spend time with the humble villagers and embrace the rustic ways of life. Enjoy the hospitality of the warm-hearted people. If you are thinking of hopping on to a backpacking tour of Himachal, here’s a guide for you to experience the best of Himachal in a backpacking trip.


Dalhousie calls backpackers from all across the globe. Dalhousie is one of the most famous hill stations of Himachal on account of being exceptionally beautiful. This hill station is replete with a vivid colonial charm that can be seen in the layout and architecture of the small town.

The influence of the erstwhile British Raj can be felt with the structures such as the famous St. John’s Church, built-in 1863. Visit Kalatop for breath-taking views, watch in awe the Satdhara Falls, and soak in the peace of tantalizing Subhash Baoli and Daikund peak.

The old-world charm fuses with the mesmerising natural landscape, pine forests, floral jeweled meadows, swift-flowing rivers, magnificent smoky mountains and the fragrance of the Scottish and Victorian architecture to create a charming mixed flavor.

Dharamsala – McLeod Ganj 

The outstanding Himachal holiday destinations of the Kangra Valley, Dharamshala and McLeodganj together make for a super backpacking trip that will leave solely unforgettable memories.

The peaceful and wildly rapturous valleys and mountain trails will take you through the heart of Himalayas at its richest best. Get lost in the long leisurely solitary walks, enjoy magnificent views of the towering snow-capped proud ranges.

Enjoy pristine nature with a visit to the Church of St. John in the Wilderness and Dal Lake. The Dhauladhar Ranges are mesmerizing.

Added to it is the charm of McLeod Ganj which is a quiet town located at the foothills of the Dhauladhar Range. Visit the seat of His Highness, Dalai Lama and stay overwhelmed with the peace that the Gyuto Monastery,

Namgyal Monastery or the Tibet Museum of Mcleodganj. Explore the Tibetan and Buddhist ways of life; and to every backpacker’s delight, the destinations will offer a rich cultural, religious and social experience.

 Bir Billing 

Bir Billing will loosen you up and make you prepared for taking up the fun challenges of life. One supreme adrenalin pumping challenge, full of fun and adventure, is paragliding.

And Bir Billing is one of the best destinations in the world for trying your hands at paragliding. It even hosts the annual World Paragliding Championship. The take-off happens at Billing and the landing site is at Bir.

Backpacking assumes an extreme adventurous note at Bir Billing and the experience is worth going through at least once in life. Bir also showcases the influence of Tibetan culture and has a Tibetan community living here.


Kasol is lazily spread across the Parvati Valley. Kasol offers infinite peace and tranquillity. Kasol nurtures the beauty of the Parvati River and its idyllic banks. For a backpacker, however,

Kasol offers numerous trekking and hiring opportunities through rugged pathways, dense conifers and winding lush green landscapes. Kasol also serves as a worthy stopover for people heading to higher camps. Backpackers often camp at Kasol beside the charming Parvati River.


The village of Tosh is backpacker’s haven sharing an undisputed tranquillity and serenity that pervades every inch of the Parvati Valley. The blissful and calming solitude is a backpacker’s delight.

The night-time starry skies, the warm sunsets and sunrises, the magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks, the gorgeous waterfalls and the folds of layered mountain ranges all contribute to a heavenly excursion.


Triund Peak is another attractive destination for backpackers. Triund Peak offers a picturesque trekking path with the mesmeric views of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala valley and distant smoky views of Shivalik hills and the extensive plains of Kangra.

Triund is comfortably laid out beneath the mighty Dhauladhar Mountains. A scintillating camping experience across the meadows with clear views of the night sky shimmering with speckled stars and the cool and fresh air provide a divine joy. This place can be termed as a trekker’s paradise. The trekking trails cover forests of oak, deodar, and rhododendron.


Sangla is one of the most charming valleys in the whole Kinnaur District and has a sleepy and lazy charm with alluring natural beauty. The pine nut orchards, cherry trees, and apples, along with the glacial steams flowing through it create a magic that is unsurpassed.

Backpackers shall have a delightful sojourn visiting the prime attractions of Sangla such as the Kamru Fort and Kanda Trout Farm. Sangla and Chitkul form the two jewels of Baspa Valley and offers adventure activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, and river crossing.

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