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How To Solve Visibility Issues With Field Service Mobile Apps

How To Solve Visibility Issues With Field Service Mobile Apps

FieldCircle 604 14-Oct-2019

Gaining visibility is the number one priority for businesses. And it is the reason why they are turning to field service mobile apps. Mobile field service management solutions are acting crucially to pull out many service departments out of the stone age that mainly includes paper-based processing.

Unlike paper-based mode of documentation, electronic methods are much better when it comes to delivering the services. Electronic documentation methods are known to bring visibility not only into the business but also the visibility of the workforce employed for the job.

With field service mobile apps, visibility comes in different forms. From dispatcher to technicians and from managing work orders to actually delivering them, there is plenty to see for a field manager. Managing all these tasks needs a strong point of communication between workers employed at different levels and a way that could facilitate manager’s connection towards all the workers. Here comes the effective role of a field service mobile app.

Let’s look at some basic everyday problems that field technicians come across and which can easily be solved with field service app:
Task Scheduling Issues
Scheduling and dispatching are already difficult processes.  But with some sort of mobile field management, dispatchers may be managed greatly. An app for dispatching could be the best solution to manage on and off-the-field tasks that a manager needs to do on a daily basis. This brings the visibility that managers require to not only schedule the tasks but also get information on its successful delivery.
By using field service management mobile app, work visibility is opened up for the entire workforce. Any technician can look at service history and become a customer expert. Additionally, all past service history is available to the technicians.
Apps Act As An Open Line Of Communication
Issues related to communication are one of the major reasons for failure of a number of companies in field service domain. In order to overcome the barrier of communication there is nothing better than using field service mobile apps. Whether it is about changing a work order or including additional responsibility for a technician, the app can help to do a number of tasks simultaneously.
Moreover, the changes are saved in a centralized system, which is shared with the rest of the team members, everyone is notified of the same. This way no additional communication is required to tell everyone individually about a change done.
Field Technician Tracking Issues
Another problem that your mobile field service app will solve for you will come in the form of visibility of technicians and the travel time to reach and come back from the location. Tracking the real-time location offers information about the technician's efficiency as how much time he takes to complete any given work. This helps managers to get a close insight of employee’s expertise to do any specific task.
Tracking employees on real time also helps compare their expertise with others who have been assigned similar tasks. This helps managers know the areas of expertise and incompetency of technicians.
In Conclusion
In order to run a successful field operation business, visibility is the key. And to attain this visibility, it is important to use field service mobile app fin the business. There is plenty of insight that such apps can offer. So, turning to field service will get you the required business visibility to excel in the service offerings.
More to this, the data gathered from the application will help to analyze the business growth. This will also help to figure out the ways that business should act upon to grow extensively.



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