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Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in North Sikkim

Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in North Sikkim

Settled in the foothills of Himalayas, Sikkim is a real paradise for nature lovers and solitude seekers. Every part of Sikkim is adorned with natural charms like wonderful waterfalls, far-flung valleys and serene lakes.  

But, North-Sikkim is a more tranquil and pristine land as compared to the other parts of Sikkim. That’s why it is always on the itinerary of honeymooners who are going to Sikkim for a romantic getaway.

A blend of flowery valleys, snow points, sparkling water bodies, and most friendly locals make North Sikkim an ideal destination for couples who want to spend some romantic moments away from the chaos. If you are also one of these honeymooners, then you must know about the most beautiful honeymoon places to visit in Sikkim.

So, we have created a list of all the super awesome and super romantic places of North Sikkim which you must add in your itinerary before buying Sikkim honeymoon tour packages! Keep scrolling to know more: 

1. Gurudongmar Lake:

Visiting a tranquil and the second-highest lake of Sikkim with your spouse would be totally romantic. Yes, we are talking about Gurudongmar Lake here. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, this is a very picturesque lake which is often visited by the tourists.

The thing which you may not know about this lake is the religious prominence attached to it. This lake is considered holy among Buddhists and Hindus. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava touched the water of this lake and since then, it never freezes in winter. You can also see this miracle if you are visiting the lake during winter.

2. Yumthang Valley:

Yumthang Valley is indeed one of the most popular destinations of North Sikkim. It is mainly famous for its scenic beauty, myriad of colourful flowers, hot water springs, yaks and tranquillity. In short, it has all to make your honeymoon trip dreamy and romantic.

Perched on an elevation of 1180 feet, Yumthang Valley is home to a plethora of flowerbeds and green meadows. It means that all you can inhale is fresh air and fragrance of flowers here! The famous Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is also situated here. You can see these famous flowers from February to June.

If you are planning to go during the winters, then you can also enjoy snowfall in Yumthang Valley. The sunrise and sunset views here are out of the world!

3. Lachung:

Lachung is the favourite spot of tourists and wanderers visiting North Sikkim. You should add the quaint little town of Lachung in your honeymoon itinerary for two main reasons.

First, it offers gorgeous vistas of waterfalls, streams and snow-capped peaks to the visitors. Second, it offers serene vibes which are required for a calm and placid honeymoon experience. Well, we don’t think honeymooners need anything else for opening up their heart in front of their spouse; right?

Decorated with apple orchards, apricots and peaches, it is an ideal town to enjoy a laid-back vacation. There is also a vibrant market which you can visit with your partner for a shopping spree.

4. Lachen:

If you want to see the rural side of North Sikkim, then you can also go to the small village of Lachen. Although it is small, in natural beauty, it is no less than any other big city of Sikkim. Usually, Buddhist pilgrims and tourists visit this place for the utmost serenity and to feel the presence of divine power.

Well, if the divine stuff is too much for you to take, then you can only focus on the tranquillity part! The people here lead a very simple life, and they have preserved nature very well.

The famous places of Lachen are Lachen Monastery, Lachen Chu etc. Lachen also serves as the base station for prominent trekking areas like Green Lake, Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake.

5. Mt. Katao:

Located 28 km away from Lachung, Mt. Katao is a beautiful place in North Sikkim which you should visit for some adventure and thrill. The place is the snow point of North Sikkim area where people come to enjoy snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing etc. in the winters.

To visit this area, you require special permits because it is situated at the military base. Yes, it means you can also spot some soldiers here! Located at the height of 15,000 feet, this is a must-visit place for adventure lovers. You can also see natural vegetation like rhododendrons, poppy and primula here.

6. Seven Sisters Waterfall:

You can go for a day picnic with your spouse to see the Seven Sisters Waterfall. It is a must-witness landscape of Sikkim which you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Situated on the Gangtok-Lachung Highway, this is a beautiful place where you can see seven different waterfalls gushing down in a beautiful alignment from a place!

The whole surrounding area is covered by green mountains. So, you can sit by the side and adore this view with your life partner for as long as you wish to! You both should stay there till sunset because, during sunset, the waterfalls look truly enchanting.

7. Chopta Valley:

You can also go to Chopta Valley with your spouse if you have an interest in trekking and adventure sports. It is a lesser-explored tourist destination with some historical and religious importance.

Chopta Valley is located at the height of 13,200 feet and offers a number of fun activities like angling, hiking and water sports. You can also spot rare species of animals, plants and birds here.

You can see the snow-covered mountains on one side of this valley and the green meadows on the other side. It means you can get the best of both worlds here! You can also visit Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary to see the wildlife of this area.

So, pack your bags and book Sikkim honeymoon tour packages that cover North Sikkim area. You will have an awesome time with your life partner in North Sikkim undoubtedly.

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